(IN THE PHOTO: the team celebrate Muntari's goal)
MILAN- Please see below for all the post-match reaction to the rossoneri's 3-1 victory over Lazio in the opening match of the 2014/15 Serie A season:COACH INZAGHI (TO THE MILAN CHANNEL)“I think that Lazio are one of the best teams in Serie A. I knew it would have been a difficult match. The Milan DNA was evident today with Abbiati making a motivational speech to the team before the match. It moved me and I am really happy to have him with us. I have 5 central defenders, all really good, let’s not forget Rami and Mexes. Today I needed to play Bonera left-back and he made himself available. I thank him for this and he did really well. The coach has to make choices and the players did well. Ignazio played a good game, even though he will be disappointed about not being called up to the National Team. I saw all the players with a  crazy amount of adrenaline and this is positive. We will lose some matches but it will be against who plays better not against who is more determined. Stephan is an added value to the side, he showed it today, but all 3 of the forwards showed their attachment to the shirt, they all ran after every ball, and this is the right attitude to win back the fans.The fans will do what they believe, but they are special and when they see this desire they will come en masse to the stadium. We have to now fly low, one match is not enough, we have to have a good Serie A campaign to win back our fans. I was very sorry for Pazzini, he is one of the leaders of this team, I hope to have him back soon. He will give us a big hand. My staff is close knit, they all put their heart into it. Even on Tuesday evening, despite having a free-evening, they were with me at Milanello to look at what we did wrong in the TIM Trophy and I thank them for this. Tassotti first of all who was on his way out of Milan and it would have been a big loss for me and all of us. As with regards to Van Ginkel we will wait. There is a good possibility that he arrives. He is a wide midfielder and a has a big desire to do well. We ask our wide midfielders to run a lot and determination. Along with the wingers, they will be changed during matches and more players I have in that role the easier it will be to do so."KEISUKE HONDA"I expected a tough match, but we worked really hard right from the US Tour, we’ve grown and this is the result. I am convinced that we can do more and work more, but I am happy for the result. Before the match I was very nervous as we come off the back of a difficult season. I am pleased with what we have achieved. The coach told me that I had to work hard and be professional. The coach teaches me lots of tricks in how to play as an attacker. El Shaarawy gave me a perfect pass for the goal. I am really happy about this and the result. We needed this victory to start the season well."CRISTIAN ZAPATA"You can see this side is united and has a desire to do well. It was important to win for our confidence. We are happy. I am eager to show that I am a great player. Alex has a lot of experience and I worked really well with him. We were all focused and you can see that there is a group and that is important. The coach wants a compact group, with desire and where everybody runs. We all try and do this and try to improve. Diego Lopez is a top goalkeeper and he did some great things. The three players upfront are phenomenal and they ran a lot. We must continue on this path. We have to fight all together and reach the top.The visit of the President was very important, he is our leader. He gives us an extra push. To have the fans with us is fundamental and they support us. We will try and give everything for this shirt and bring happiness to our fans." JEREMY MENEZ"I am happy with this victory, we needed it to start well. This side suffered last year and deserved this win. It is nice to see the coach happy, we all work together at Milanello, we have a healthy dressing room and if we stay on this path we can achieve good things. I hope the President comes every week as this way we will win matches. He came before the TIM Trophy and we won and he came before the Lazio match and we won. The stadium was wonderful this evening and it was a perfect day. However, it is the first of a long season and there is a lot of work to do. Diego Lopez is a strong goalkeeper and he showed it tonight. I have joined Milan to win something, I’m not yet 100% because I had an injury this summer, but I feel ok. We’re working really hard and like I said we are a good group and can do well."FILIPPO INZAGHI (PRESS CONFERENCE)"I am very happy but the credit goes to my players. I had said to wait before forming opinions, but I was very calm. We achieved something extraordinary, perhaps in the final 20 minutes we should have managed possession in a different manner, but onwards like this. With humility. To see the President proud of us is a source of great satisfaction. The President kept his word and brought us Torres. We are really confident and he is in good physical shape. Then we will see who else arrives in the transfer market. I have to get the best out of the players the club gives me. We improved as the game went on and the attitude of the three forwards was very positive. We have to be more organised than the others and run more than the others. With this spirit, the fans will come back and support us. In terms of controlling the situation, we were fantastic for 60 minutes, but this side needs confidence. Lazio’s goal discouraged us, but I liked the care-free attitude of the side. I saw the right spirit from the sidelines. Abbiati made a motivational speech today and it was wonderful. The President also told me it was a great match and the players were brilliant. We played a good counter-attacking game today, with intensity and technique. We always looked to score and that is good. We now have to work hard but this result gives us morale. Lazio are a worthy opponent, they will make it hard for anyone. Today we put them in difficulty. I think there are certain situations in which you have to be good at managing possession, whereas there are others where you have to use the counter-attack. It isn’t a definite that we will always play like this. I thought that Lazio would suffer with our players using their speed and it all went okay. We can’t get ahead of ourselves though and we have to stay calm and not think that we have now made it. The club has made some very good additions. Alex had a solid match and Menez had a great game. I will have to be good at getting the best out of the players I have available.My first match as coach was a string of wonderful emotions. More than as a player. Being a coach takes it out of you, but it leaves you with an incredible feeling of joy. It’s gratifying to see the players give their all for the shirt and for the club. The celebrations are what is beautiful about football."