(IN THE PHOTO: Filippo Inzaghi gives instructions from the sidelines) 
MILAN- This is what was said by the players and the coaching staff after Milan-Palermo on Sunday night: 
COACH FILIPPO INZAGHI (TO THE MILAN CHANNEL)"We went missing after they took the lead. The players gave everything, but perhaps it wasn’t enough. We struggled in various situations at the start, but we then had chances to take the lead. We went a goal down through an unlucky own-goal and then it became hard. I tried everything, but maybe we need to experience defeats to grow. Something is perhaps missing when the forwards don’t score. I try to put them in the best situations. I also tried a 4-2-4 to help them score. I have to reflect on what I got wrong, what didn’t work out on the pitch, but we mustn’t look for scapegoats. Up until now we’ve done well this season. This is humble pie for everybody and it is good for everyone. We’re all good at finding scapegoats, but I have to be rational. We must improve because we have a tough match waiting for us on Saturday. I’m sorry that we weren’t able to give a good performance for the fans, but the players need their support in this moment." 
DIEGO LOPEZ"We didn’t start the match well. Palermo oppositely were up for it and controlled the match. It wasn’t an easy match, but we have to pick ourselves up right away and think about Sampdoria. It’s not easy for a defender to come off the bench all of a sudden and we knew that Alex wasn’t well. Zapata didn’t do badly, we have to help each other and support each other. I felt good today and I worked intensely all week. It was important to get back playing again, even though it would have been important to win for the team. We will try on Saturday in Genoa and let’s hope that this defeat serves as a lesson. It will be a vital match against Sampdoria. We will have to face it like a final, win or bust. It’s a good thing that we’re going to face a team like Sampdoria, that are doing well and are having a good season. I prefer to play teams like them with respects to others. Let’s try and get back on track as of tomorrow." 
IGNAZIO ABATE"It’s hard to say what worked tonight. Palermo were first to every ball, we weren’t able to press. We got our approach wrong. Perhaps we were weak mentally. We have to get back to being more humble. We had obtained results with a specific type of mentality. We have to start working again because if we don’t we will struggle with everyone." 
COACH FILIPPO INZAGHI (PRESS CONFERENCE)"This is football, unfortunately we lost an important player after a minute, Zapata came on and he felt some pain. We had a clear chance with Poli and then with a Torres header, I don’t know what we were missing, after the goal we weren’t good in reacting, let’s pay tribute to Palermo. Up until yesterday they were speaking about Milan as the revelation of the season and one match lost cannot change opinions since there are other sides that struggle that were ahead of us last year. We’re sorry to have lost in front of our fans, let’s hope we can get back on track on Saturday against Sampdoria. We have to re-watch the match with a cool head, I didn’t get ahead of myself before and I won’t get down now. I’m disappointed that we’ve taken a step back, I hope that the players don’t lose their self-confidence because it can happen that you lose a match. I played Menez because at Cagliari he didn’t start while El Shaarawy had played 3 matches in a row. I would have brought on Niang, but I had used up all the changes. At 0-0 we had two goal scoring chances, Palermo deserve the win, let’s hope we can bounce back right away. I’m sorry to have lost Alex. We don’t know for how long. It can happen that a player injures himself. When you lose it’s easy to pass on the blame to those on the pitch and the physical fitness, I don’t want to fall into this trap. I sensed that we lacked the strength to react, this week we can work more and we’ll try and get back on track on Saturday. A good coach has to understand what he could have done better. When you lose the coach is responsible, the players gave everything they had, tonight it wasn’t enough."