(IN THE PHOTO: Inzaghi watches on from the side-lines) 
MILAN- This is what was said by the coach and Giacomo Bonaventura after Milan-Atalanta. 
FILIPPO INZAGHI (to the Milan Channel)"We all have to be aware that we have the obligation to do more. The whistles were deserved today. We have to turn these whistles into applause. This side hasn’t become useless in 2 weeks. Tomorrow we will analyse the match. With work and desire we will get back to the levels of 2 weeks ago. We have to think about what happened. We were missing something after the first half an hour. We have to pick ourselves up right away because we immediately have 2 matches. I have told my players that they have to take responsibility and be aware of what was missing. This week will allow us to work and on Saturday we will be tested out on the pitch. Nothing happened between Abate and Cerci. But when a side isn’t able to get a result, it can happen that the team gets angry. I will try and give confidence back to this team which seems to have been lost. We’re 7 points off third place. This time last year the team was 17 points off third place. There is still the entire second part of the season to play. Nothing is lost." 
GIACOMO BONAVENTURA"Difficult moments happen over the season. We thought we could do better. There is little to say, we have to take a long look at ourselves. As of tomorrow we will talk about it. We will try and do better starting by working as of tomorrow. We pinned Atalanta back in their own half today. We were caught on the counter-attack in the first half which they were good at exploiting. Atalanta were very good in defence, we should have kept the scores 0-0 to then go on and score in the second half." 
FILIPPO INZAGHI (press conference)"Up until a short while ago we were competing with Roma and Napoli, but I didn’t get ahead of myself then and I won’t get down now. I take the blame and we will try and turn the whistles into cheers. I chose a midfield today based on quality and for this reason I played with 2 wide midfielders like Montolivo and Bonaventura. We didn’t manage it today, but the idea was to dominate the play. We conceded after our error, which we should have avoided. Everything is up for discussion when you lose. We have to understand what isn’t working and find a solution. We could have played with 2 forwards today, but Pazzini hasn’t been well in the past days. We started with what we know and then I brought on Pazzini, but it wasn’t enough. The training sessions had told me that we were more confident. Obviously we had some fears and I have to get rid of them as soon as possible. It’s not a question to do with the formation, but rather playing with heart and desire. We have to wake up quickly and get back to doing what we have been doing. I am calm but at the same time disappointed. I don’t like to look for excuses or who is to blame. It’s down to me to turn the whistles into applause. There were 30000 people and we have to do more. We have many fans and we cannot play like that. We have to roll our sleeves up. Saturday we have a big test, that if we play with the right attitude, can go well. I have to give everything to get the team back to playing how they did against Napoli and Roma. The situation is not dramatic, but we have to turn things around. With work and desire we will get back to what we were before. I feel very supported by the club. I go forwards with my convictions, ideas and desire. The team follows me and we have to turn things around quickly. We’re 7 points behind third place and we have to try right until the end.”