MILAN- This is what the players, management and the coaching staff had to say after Sunday’s Serie A victory over Udinese at the San Siro:
ADRIANO GALLIANI"The fault is ours. FIFA allows us to use technology and we don’t do it. I invite Italian football to use the technology. Like in tennis for example. There is nothing stopping us. Technology is not a bad thing. I’m not blaming the referee. There are instruments available, let’s use them. It’s obvious that the Muntari goal came to my mind, also because of the black and white jerseys! (laughs, editor’s note.). Then I thought about it, if there were technology available we could have evaluated it better. I remember a basketball final against Fortituido where a league title was decided by technology. If there’s the technology there, let’s use it. The steps forward? I will begin my battle as of tomorrow. Let’s let it go whether it was 99.9% over the line or 100%. Milan played well. We had an excellent match. With lots of chances. Menez is a number 9. Enough with this urban legend that he’s a false nine. And to think, he nearly didn’t play. At 10.30 this morning he wasn’t well. He had a bit of a fever. The coach called me, worried. Then he recovered. Pazzini would have played otherwise. Menez, Pazzini and Torres are centre-forwards. Bonera had a great match. I said to him 6 months ago that he should be playing as a right-back. He has good feet. I remember that at Parma he played really well on the right flank.The midfield impressed me. It was one full of quality. Van Ginkel-Essien-Bonaventura did well. Let’s now enjoy these 3 points. I consider Van Ginkel on the same level as Strootman. He just needs continuity.Milan in the first 7 matches collected 14 points. After 13 matches we have 21. Before our form was worthy of a Champions League finish. This is a side that needs to collect an average of 2 points per match.The Palermo match? There are matches that you get wrong, but I believe the coach is finding the solution. Lots of different formations, but he has a clear idea in mind. The President is very happy. I spoke to him before the match, at half-time and at the end of the match. He’s always charged. I also spoke to Sacchi, I told him to come here, we’ll find time for your grand-children! Sacchi understands a lot about football. When you have certain resources available you have to use them. Sacchi watched the training session on Thursday and he said Menez is a no.9. You can play as a centre-forward in many ways. Spain won the World Cup and the Euros with Fabregas centre-forward.I receive the Ambrogino d'oro next Sunday at 10.30 and at 13.00 I head straight to Genoa. Our Alessandro Matri continues to score and he’s a very good player." 
FILIPPO INZAGHI (TO THE MILAN CHANNEL)"I hoped for match like that. I am happy for those that have played less because today they showed their worth. They’re the symbol of all of this. Van Ginkel and Armero had an excellent match, but I am sure that if the others on the bench had the chance to come on they would have done well. Despite all the absences, we didn’t feel sorry for ourselves and we reacted. Let’s enjoy this win, but as of Tuesday we will think about Genoa. The only slight negative were some of the groans from the fans when a player lost possession. They’re great men my players, let’s try and want the best for these athletes.Our superiority was clear. Let’s not dwell or talk about the match incidents. It’s a shame that we will be without Essien in Genoa, in light of his current form. Perhaps we will have De Jong and Muntari back, but I am calm and happy with my team. Our captain was back today and I am pleased. This side when complete can make it very exciting for us."
JEREMY MENEZ"Diego Lopez had very little to do this afternoon. We played well and we kept the ball well. I woke up feeling unwell, but I really wanted to play this match because it was an important game, I am happy I was able to and to have scored 2 goals. Every match is hard but it’s also important to do well at Genoa." 
STEPHAN EL SHAARAWY"We had a really good match, in my opinion, one of great quality. We created lots of chances in the first half and we were able to find a way through in the second half. It was a match played with great spirit. We went onto the pitch determined and we played our game. The President has been very close to me in these past days. Just like my team-mates and the coach. My fitness is good and now let’s think about Genoa. It will be a hard match. It’s a tough ground to play at, just like we saw against Sampdoria. Genoa will have the support of their fans, but we will prepare well for the match. We will have to play a match of great sacrifice and be very attentive. It’s a bit of a special stadium for me. I like playing with Jack, he played very well, just like Van Ginkel and Armero. We tried to pass the ball around and for this we’re very happy."
DANIELE BONERA"I think there was a good performance from everybody today, the players gave a good response to the coach, I think that he can count on all 28 players. I’m available to play in every role and it’s obvious that the compliments from CEO Galliani make me happy. I bring different characteristics to the right back position, what I lack physically I make up with my experience. The return of Riccardo Montolivo was a positive note, Pazzini also did well coming on. I think I’ve always made myself available. The squad played really well, we have to continue like this and then we shall see where we’re at in the league table at Christmas."
PABLO ARMERO"I am happy with my performance. It’s for me and for my family. It isn’t easy missing out. Since I arrived, I have always worked hard to stay here. I can improve with every match and in training I can earn more chances. I hope to have more opportunities in the future. We’re a side that plays good football and entertains. Udinese are a good side with a good coach. We knew it would not have been easy, but with a good attitude we were able to do well. Out on the pitch, it seemed a goal to me, but I don’t want to enter in the controversy, it’s the referee’s decision, we all make mistakes. We trained well this week and we had a good game. I’m ready when the coach needs me." 
FILIPPO INZAGHI (PRESS CONFERENCE)"I am very happy. I was never pretending to be confident, I knew that with the playing style and the conviction that was growing within the side match by match, sooner or later we would have won. It was a great match by everyone, my compliments to those who showed they were ready. We still haven’t done anything, but this is the right road. We were missing 5 first team players and today was the best response a coach can have. A match in which we dominated cannot be influenced by a match-incident."