MILAN- Jeremy Menez spoke to the press ahead of Tuesday’s quarter final of the Italian Cup against Lazio. Here is what the French forward had to say.Opening comments: "I feel strong, but it’s also true that we’re going through a difficult moment. However in life there are more serious things, so in my opinion we have to pick ourselves up and get back working well in order to achieve a good result tomorrow. We all want this. In attack I try to give my all and help the team and my job is to score goals. In this moment it’s not enough, and we really hope that tomorrow we can get back on track. We will try and bring some joy back out on the pitch. This is something that I think the team is missing. We have to enjoy ourselves more. I can give more, I am pleased for the goals, but not for the situation. It’s a bit particular and unique this situation. It’s always nice to score goals, but not losing matches. For me the victory counts more, especially tomorrow. We really care about the Italian Cup and it is very important this year. We’re not going through a very good moment right now in Serie A, it would be great if we could achieve something in the Italian Cup. Let’s hope the retreat is useful. We know when Milan aren’t doing well, there are people that speak badly about the club and it’s too easy like this. Here at Milanello we’re  altogether and all have to help each other out. Only in this way can we move forwards. The fans for us are very important. I understand them because for them it isn’t easy to experience this moment. So, it’s down to us to get them back on our side like at the start of the season. We can only do that by giving our all out on the pitch."Menez added: "It’s true that the match tomorrow is very important for us, the coach and the fans, but we don’t need to put extra pressure on ourselves. We cannot make mistakes tomorrow and we have to take to the pitch like lions, because we cannot slip-up. The players are always with Inzaghi. I am not saying it for the sake of it, but we all think it." Areas for improvement, according to the Frenchman: "This Milan side needs to be a bit more ruthless, because against Torino and Lazio we went a goal-up. We seem to be too kind. We need to be more ruthless as true champions have this characteristic. It’s now down to us. The Champions League spot is a bit far, and for this reason the match tomorrow is very important to us. Progressing in the Italian Cup means we can hope in something, perhaps even the Europa League. I have received the faith of the coach and the club and I cannot make mistakes. When I give my word I maintain it until the end."