MILAN- Keisuke Honda answered your questions sent via the AC Milan twitter page ahead of the derby. See the full list of questions and answers below:What do you feel when you play with the Milan jersey? I get excited ahead of every match about wearing the Milan jersey!How useful has Inzaghi been in your improvement this year?Inzaghi has helped me a lot, starting with the pre-season tour in the USA. He has given me lots of opportunities to improve.Would you like to score in the derby? What’s the atmosphere like at Milanello this week?We’re all very focused, we feel the importance of this match. I will try and score, as always!Have you always wanted to play for Milan? I’ve always supported Milan since I was little. Ours is one of the biggest clubs in the world, it was a natural choice!Who is your room-mate at Milanello?I have my own room at Milanello!Asked about his target for number of goals.I want to score and provide assists as I am a striker.Inter, Sunday’s opponents also did a Q&A with their Japanese star Yuto Nagatomo and the two exchanged tweets. Nagatomo: "Hi Keisuke, how are you and have you trained well?” Keisuke: “Hi Yuto I’ve trained well and I am ready for #MilanInter.” Nagatomo: “I’m happy that you are well but don’t score on Sunday!” Keisuke: “Okay but you mustn’t score either and when you have time can you teach me some Italian?” Nagatomo: “I already help you and you’re learning it. I’ll make you a deal if you lose the derby you have to dye your hair purple!” Keisuke: “No chance, I cannot accept your proposal!” In wasn’t solely football related today’s Q&A and Honda also answered questions on other themes.Favourite cartoon?There are many in Japan! The most famous is Dragon Ball Z!Most recent film that you have seen? Favourite actor and actress?I haven’t had any time for new movies! My favourite movie is the Godfather. I love Al Pacino, Angelia Jolie.What is the thing you miss most about living in Japan?I miss hot springs a lot!Who is your favourite character between Holly and Benji? (a football themed cartoon shown on Italian television)I like Benjamin Price and Mark Lenders.How many languages can you speak?I speak English and a little bit of Italian.Who is your role model?When I was younger I used to follow many football legends, too many to mention. How did you learn respect and discipline?In Japan, parents and relatives teach us to be respectful as of childhood.Anything to say to your fans in Malaysia?Keep on supporting us!What is your favourite Italian dish?I really like Italian food. There are many nice restaurants in Milan.Anything to say to your fans in Indonesia?I know that you will support us even if you are far from San Siro! Thank-you!Do you sing in the shower?I don’t sing in the shower but I love karaoke!