(IN THE PHOTO: the award ceremony from a previous edition of the TIM Trophy)MILAN – The TIM Trophy 2014 kicks off today, the 23rd of August in Reggio Emilia.This is the schedule for the three-way competition: -Juventus - Milan  08.45pm-Loser from match 1 - Sassuolo  09.45pm- Winner match 1 - Sassuolo  10.45pmThese meanwhile are the rules:The winner of every match will be awarded 3 points, 0 points to the losers. In case of a draw the games will go to penalties to decide a winner in accordance with FIFA regulations. At the end of the penalties 2 points will be awarded to the winning team and 1 to the losing team.At the end of the tournament the team with the most points will be the winner of the TIM Trophy 2014. In case of a draw between two teams, the head-to-head match will be taken into account and if all three teams have the same number of points then goal difference will come into play. In case even goal difference is the same, then the amount of goals scored will be used to decide a winner and if two teams have scored the same amount of goals then the head-to-head will again be taken into consideration. If there is a complete draw between all three sides then the team that has the lowest average age will be declared the winner.The opening match of the TIM Trophy 2014 this Saturday between Juventus and Milan will be the 13th in the competition’s history. There have been 12 precedents between Juventus and Milan so far in the competition: 5 wins for Milan, 4 wins for Juventus and 3 victories for Milan every time the match has been decided on penalties.The only precedent with Sassuolo in the TIM Trophy was one year ago and ended 2-1 in favour of the neroverdi.Tickets are still on sale for the TIM Trophy 2014. The traditional three-way tournament, organized by Master Group Sport for Telecom Italia, gives an exclusive glimpse of the Serie A TIM season to come. It all takes place on Saturday, August 23rd, kicking off at 20:45 at the MAPEI STADIUM, Reggio Emilia. Tickets can be purchased online by clicking here or via Viva Ticket authorized ticket agency throughout Italy. Discover the whereabouts of the agencies by clicking here, selecting the region and province.Ticket prices:MAIN STAND Full price € 35SIDE SECTIONS OF MAIN STAND Full price € 30CENTRE STAND Full price € 25SIDE SECTIONS OF CENTRE STAND Full price € 20SOUTH STAND * Full price € 15NORTH STAND ** Full price € 15SIDE SECTIONS OF SOUTH STAND *** I-L Full price € 15 * We recommend supporters of Juventus FC to the purchase tickets for the South Stand** We recommend supporters of AC Milan to purchase tickets for the North Stand*** We recommend supporters of U.S. Sassuolo Calcio to purchase tickets for the Side Sections of the South Stand. There are no recommendations for the remaining sectors.FREE ENTRY FOR CHILDREN UNDER 4Children under 4 years (yet to turn 4) will be admitted free without seat assignments. Parents must bring with them a document certifying the child's age (health card or social security number) and show it on request at the stadium. Children 4 and over have access with a regular ticket only.For all the updates, click here.