(IN THE PHOTO: Filippo Inzaghi takes questions from the press) 
MILANELLO - On Saturday afternoon, Filippo Inzaghi held his pre-match press conference at Milanello ahead of Milan-Parma. This is what was said: 
Opening comments: "We shall see what formation we play. We have played with a 4-4-2 in the past, but it’s more important to talk about the spirit and to come out of this difficult moment. There have been factors that have influenced this. We have had a difficult month, but we must restore winning ways at all costs. Destro and Bocchetti, and also Cerci, are important investments. The club wants to do well and I asked for these players. I thank the President. It’s now down to us and we have to play like we did one month ago." 
Inzaghi reflected on Milan’s difficult start to the new year: "I am sorry about how we performed in January, but we were missing a lot of players. We have been losing a lot of players through injuries and all at the same time. There has been no continuity (in the starting line-up, editor’s note) and too many circumstances along with our faults that have had an influence. We have to get back on track, enough of looking at the past. We were up to the standard against Lazio in the TIM Cup and in some circumstances we were unlucky. All of this leaves me hopeful. My players are angry, but in a good sense. I thank Rino Gattuso for his comments, because he has seen that the players are giving their all. My players give everything for me. Tomorrow we have to win. In these moments, you need to win and work." 
A word on the new signings: "Destro and Bocchetti are ready to play. I will evaluate their fitness.  Bocchetti is incredibly eager and so is Destro. Destro or Pazzini will start tomorrow. De Jong and Montolivo won’t feature. I have four midfielders and we shall see who starts the match. It’s one of those periods, but those that do play will have the chance to show what they can do." 
Focus on Sunday’s opponents: "Parma can create us difficulties. Their spirit is to be appreciated and it is a tricky match. We’re playing at the San Siro and it has to be a turning point for our season. We have the chance to get back on track, but by taking things one game at a time. We have to focus on Parma and we cannot miss out on the win tomorrow. I hope to see the Milan side that we saw at the start of the Sassuolo match." 
Inzaghi continued: "I never think about the negative things. I feel the main one responsible, but I know that everyone wants the best for Milan. All of us together with this unity will come out of this moment. The players give their all and they will have to give even more. By having the players back from injury and with the new additions, we can get back to doing well. The fixture list is relative. We have to reset everything and start again as of tomorrow. We have a championship that can reserve us some interesting surprises, we have to try and move forwards." 
Tactical considerations from the coach: "We wanted to switch to a 4-4-2 gradually but in light of the absences to De Jong and Montolivo we have had to adopt this playing system even quicker. Menez will continue playing as a centre forward. He can play there with Pazzini or Destro. I think De Sciglio’s season is over. Cerci is very committed. We couldn’t think he was going to be our saviour. I like the way he is training and above all his attitude on the pitch and with the team. I haven’t yet decided whether he will start the match or go on the bench." 
Inzaghi added: "This team doesn’t need to be shouted at. The players work hard and they care. The players are the first to be aware that they have to give that bit more. We’re only thinking about working to improve. We made some mistakes with our back passes against Lazio, but these things can happen." 
Closing comments: "Honda is a brilliant professional. He showed that last Sunday by coming straight to training as soon as he got off the airplane (Honda was previously away at the Asian Cup with Japan, editor’s note). Let’s hope he can return to doing well like he did previously. We have lots of quality now in attack. We have 3 left footed players in Honda, Cerci and Suso. Lots of options and this is important. Cerci can play on the left and the right. Let’s hope they can all perform to their best. Honda will continue playing out wide on the right."