MILAN - Jeremy Menez was given a run-out in the second half of Milan’s 3-0 win over Chivas in Houston and the French star spoke about his early impressions with the Rossoneri and how Filippo Inzaghi persuaded him to move back from France.
He said: “It was tough being out of action but I feel fit now. I am ready to do everything I can. I met Inzaghi in Ibiza and he convinced me straight away so I chose Milan. I feel a great understanding with the coach, I cannot fail because he is giving me so much, and I would give anything for him. I already knew what Inzaghi was like as a player, he had so much charisma and was very determined, just like now."
Menez also looked back at his recent career in Italy and France:  "The fact that I'm a bad boy, excuse the term, is not true. People have a false image of me and I want to prove that I'm a quiet person on and off the field. I was young at Roma and made two or three mistakes and I realized these mistakes. Ancelotti? A fantastic person for me, he was like a father to me at PSG. The best coach I have ever had, I hope to be coached by him again. I do not know why it was so difficult with Blanc. Unfortunately, when a person does not like you that’s it. Choices must be respected, but I could not wait for the season to finish. Perhaps I am a bit guilty too. The fact is that when I feel confidence I can do everything but I did not feel that from him.”