MILAN – Filippo Inzaghi took part in a question and answer session at the recent UEFA Elite Forum for coaches.
UEFA: Filippo Inzaghi, thank you for being her in Nyon. Can you tell us quickly about your new role as Head coach of Milan?
INZAGHI: "Yes, luckily I was coach at the academy at Milan for a couple of years, so the fact that I coached youth players gave me a good grounding before moving up to the first team. Influence on me? I am happy to have met Sir Alex Ferguson who has written an important page in the history of football, but the person who for me is a real model is Carlo Ancelotti. He is a great person, a great example, he was my coach for many years and had the luck and skill to win the Champions League several times both as a player and as a coach. It was important to meet the likes of Sir Alex Ferguson and Jose Mourinho. They have a lot of experience. I hope to emulate them and follow the their example, this is my hope as a young coach. "
UEFA: You coached Milan nella UEFA Youth League, what did you get from that experience?
INZAGHI: "It was an extraordinary experience for the kids and for me. It is a fantastic competition. I hope to continue, gave my kids the opportunity to grow and deal with different football cultures. We were in a very tough group with Barcelona , Celtic and Ajax and we were able to qualify. I believe that this competition is fundamental to the development of young players. it  is also important to hear their testimony, I think it was a critical step in their career, especially the challenges against very teams. Personally the UEFA Youth League has given me the opportunity to learn about different cultures of the game, with my staff we have worked hard to prepare the development of games. I believe that the difficulty and the charm of the games of the UEFA Youth League helped in the victory at the Viareggio Tournament that was very important for us.”
UEFA: What are your objectives for Milan now?
INZAGHI: "First of all create a strong group, with the DNA of Milan that lately has perhaps been a little  lost. And I'm happy to say that after two months of work, we were able to put these basics back. This is a team which finished eighth the last season, a team that needed to be reassured. The most important thing at the beginning was to work hard and be professional in our attitude. I would say that we have gone into it in this light. "
UEFA: What special memories do you have of scoring twice in the 2007 Champions League?
INZAGHI: "It will remain forever the most special game in my life, absolutely unforgettable. Many nights I was excited, but in 2007 as well as having scored two goals in the Champions League final, I scored a goal in the final of the European Super Cup in Monaco and another two goals in the World Club Final in Yokohama, it is a record for an Italian striker, and these three games will always remain in my heart. The first goal of Athens came from a free kick by Pirlo, the emotion of that moment I understood at the end not at the time. The second goal came just before the end of the game. I still think about those two goals that won the Champions League with my team, it is a very strong emotion. A lot of fans still thank me and I scored a lot of goals but none as important as those. I knew how important the second goal was even though they made it 2-1 and it was a nervy finish. The fans were extraordinary in Manchester in 2003 and Athens in 2007 and it was amazing celebrating them with the fans. I thank God to have lived through them. Now I want to relive the same emotion as a coach. It will be difficult but that is my ambition.”
UEFA: Is Milan’s objective to qualify for the Champions League?
INZAGHI: “I think our secret will be to take each day as it comes without have medium to long-term objectives. We have started well but we have not done anything yet. We have only won one game so we have to improve with each match. Obviously it is not a great season for Milan without the Champions League but hopefully we will be back in it as soon as possible.”