(IN THE PHOTO: Inzaghi takes questions from the media)
MILAN- Filippo Inzaghi faced the press at Milanello on Saturday ahead of Verona - Milan. This is what was said:These were Inzaghi’s opening comments: "The comments from El Shaarawy? We’re of the opinion that they were respectful comments. I’m happy, because it shows that he wants to and likes to play. I would get angry if it were the opposite. All of the players want to play. It’s obvious that those that don’t, become angry. There’s a brilliant atmosphere and the visits from the President charge us up. This is all really wonderful."More on El Shaarawy: "El Shaarawy is calm because he knows I rate him. If he plays he will have to show what I think of him. If he comes off the bench, he will have to put me in difficulty like he did against Chievo. We have a big squad and tomorrow morning I will resolve all doubts about the formation."A word about the President Silvio Berlusconi: “The President brings calmness and motivates. It’s a big responsibility to make sure we give him great matches. We want to give him results and good performances. We’ve tried to work on areas where we need to improve. Clearly, we’ve had some absences, but we’ve worked in the right manner. I’m calm even if we take on a side to be feared. We’re Milan and after a good period it’s important to show consistency in our results."On Sunday’s opponents and their coach: "Mandorlini is doing very well and it doesn’t surprise me. He’s a hard worker. I respect Mandorlini and his work. The impression I get is one of great professionalism and desire. I send him my compliments. Verona are paradoxically stronger this season, despite the losses of Iturbe and Romulo. They have Marquez, that plays in defence and organizes. Verona can’t hide and just aim to avoid the drop."Inzaghi continued: "I congratulate Luca Toni. He’s a friend and a top professional. After the match tomorrow I will wish him all the luck! I hope there are improvements tomorrow, I hope enough improvement to get the 3 points at the Bentegodi. I have a few doubts on the formation. We’ve recovered Menez, Bonaventura and Diego Lopez, but only in the past couple of days. I don’t know who I will start or if they will start from the bench. We saw this with El Shaarawy: missing out on a few days of training has an impact on the physical sharpness of the players. Tomorrow I will resolve all the doubts, but I choose the players based on the training sessions. I will decide based on what is good for the team. The group comes first, and then the needs of the individual. Tomorrow I will do something to understand if they are all 100% fit."The Italian coach then focused back on Sunday’s opponents: "We know how they play with Toni upfront. They alternate possession of the ball with long balls forward. They’re a side that have played with 3 at the back, but regardless of this, our work is important to me. Against Chievo we played 22 balls into the penalty area. We have to try and have a great match. Let’s hope we’re able to do so."On Torres: "He’s integrating well. He’s gritted his teeth in the latest matches, with a small problem with his ankle. He’s ready just like all our 7 forwards. When you have to choose 3 from 7 players as good as these, it’s never easy. A coach has to be good with these choices."More on individuals: "Diego Lopez has started to train and I will have to make a hard choice. He’s fit, while Abbiati is a guarantee. I will evaluate tomorrow. If he convinces me, Diego Lopez will play otherwise Abbiati will play and Lopez will have another week to train."Inzaghi was forthright about the unity that exists within the group: "No one is ruining anything here. Who tries to do so, goes way. I’m not even considering the problem, because they’re all excellent lads. If there were to be any problems, we would resolve them in agreement with the club. Even in a severe manner if necessary. However I’m not concerned about the issue, because the group in this sense is excellent."Inzaghi continued on the group theme: "There’s a lot of respect in this group. The things were made clear right at the start. I like the fact that they want to make it hard for me with my choices. Then if someone wants to play more come January, they will be put in a position to go elsewhere."Plenty more from Inzaghi about individual members of the team: "Zapata or Rami? I will evaluate tomorrow morning. There’s also Bonera. Montolivo isn’t yet back with the group, but he’s close. We hope it’s soon and maybe he’ll play 2 or 3 matches with the club’s youth sector side. But we want to be cautious. Essien? He will play. I am very calm. He’s an excellent professional and I am happy to let him play. Essien plays better in front of the defence. I know I have lots of very good players available and that are able to deal with the absences of Montolivo and De Jong. Honda as soon as he landed came to Milanello. If he’s well, he will start."More about the starting line-up, which could depend a great deal on Bonaventura: "I still don’t know how we will line-up tomorrow. It’s down to me to understand how we will start the match and based on the fitness of Bonaventura we will decide how we line-up through the course of the match. The President was very kind and I liked the vote that he gave to the side. We have to and we want to improve in order to make the club, the President and the fans happy. I hope the President can give me a good score at the end of the season."About Milan’s objectives: “On paper there are 7 or 8 sides that can compete for the top places. Let’s hope first of all to get back into Europe. In 3 or 4 months’ time we’ll see and we’ll analyse. It’s too early for now.”Final comments: "Super Pippo? They started to call me that during my year as a player at Verona. I have nice memories of the experience at Verona and I know the respect between us will never end."