MILAN- Filippo Inzaghi faced the press ahead of Sunday’s match against Udinese. These were his opening comments:"We care a lot about this match. The time has come to get 3 points. We have to achieve that in every way possible. I respect Stramaccioni and he’s a friend. Prepared and meticulous. I know he will have prepared well for the match. Tomorrow we’re adversaries, but as of Monday, we will be friends again. When they’re not up against us, I’m happy if Udinese do well. My compliments to Di Natale. 200 goals in Serie A are numbers of a top player. He could have played in any club. Udinese are not just about him. They’re a mixture of youth and experience. We will have to face them in the best way and there is only one result possible tomorrow. The important thing is to give all that we have. We cannot get our approach wrong to the match. We’ve been unlucky with our results. We’re just missing the decisive touch. I am happy with the performances. I hope we get a win very soon, but the performance levels have always been there. With the exception of the Palermo match, we’ve always done well from this point of view." 
Inzaghi continued: “I think there has been a lot of bad luck in the goals conceded. Okaka’s goal at the end of the first half, Nagatomo’s cross which led to Obi’s goal. We have to increase our attention levels. Sides do peg us back, but we also recover goals. We have to play good football and collect 3 points. I would say it’s fundamental right now for the league table. We have forwards with different characteristics. We have to focus on playing and then I am sure that El Shaarawy, Menez, Pazzini and Torres will score, because to be at the top, we need everyone and goals from everyone. Too much importance is given to the formation. There isn’t an ideal one. There are various options. When I decide the 11 players, I try to get the best out of them on the pitch. We’ve had some very good matches playing with a 4-3-3 formation and even 4-4-2. This is an advantage for me. To be able to change during a match is an important thing." 
A word about the absences and injuries: "We cannot feel sorry for ourselves. Let’s look forward. I have a squad of 28 players and I haven’t always been able to please everybody. Whoever plays tomorrow, will give their contribution and do well. We will test De Sciglio today and then evaluate the situation. We have Rami as an option. He had an excellent match last time and if needed he will play there. Otherwise, he will move back into the centre of the defence, where he prefers to play." 
The Milan coach also had this to say: "We’ve played 11 times with a 4-3-3 from the first 12 rounds. I think it’s clear what my preference is for a formation. Torres is not a problem. I have to do everything to get the best out of him. Torres is a great champion. To get third place, we need goals from the forwards. The positive factors are there for all to see. The negatives are the results. However with these performances, I hope that we win soon. 3 points are fundamental tomorrow. I look first of all at the performance. We deserved more in Genoa and even in the derby. We have to start off again from this, without forgetting that we have to start winning again. We know all of this. We’re playing well and we try to win. The top objective would be to get back into Europe through the league. It’s our dream. With our desire and getting players back from injury, we can compete with anyone. We’ve taken on the strongest sides, but no one has seemed to me really superior. We’ve always competed with everyone.”  
Individuals: "Van Ginkel can play anywhere in midfield. I thought about putting him on in the derby, but I didn’t want to throw him into the fray after a long time out. I will keep him in mind for tomorrow. I’ve tried to protect him. I’m waiting for the right moment, but I think that he can do well with us. I have lots of defenders and it’s not easy to choose. Armero has always trained well. On the left we thought about always playing De Sciglio. Perhaps he will play and maybe he will show his qualities. We have 4 centre-forwards in this team with different characteristics. Menez and Niang are players that move off the ball and attack deep. Torres and Pazzini meanwhile need service." 
On the skipper Riccardo Montolivo: "I often speak with the captain: a player of great importance and personality. The ideal situation would be to play Montolivo with the result already in the bag. We thought about giving him a match with the youth sector side, but the absences of De Jong and Muntari force us to keep him here. If we need him, he will be ready." 
Closing comments from Inzaghi about what goes into his team-selection: "I look at their characteristics and how they train. I then try and start who can give me more from the beginning or coming off the bench. It’s a subjective decision. On the basis of how I want the side to play, I try and choose the team. I try to get the best out of my players. With Torres and Menez, I evaluate the whole week. It could be that they play together tomorrow. He’s not on a downward spiral Torres. I had my best years of my career beyond the age of 30. He needs to re-find his self-confidence and it’s all down to me. It’s my duty. Will Honda play tomorrow? Maybe…"  
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