(IN THE PHOTO: Inzaghi takes questions from the press) 

MILAN- Filippo Inzaghi held his pre-match press conference on Saturday at Milanello. These were his opening comments:

“The squad has prepared in the right way and we’re about to face a tough match. Genoa are on an 8 match unbeaten run, we know the difficulties, but we’re also going through a good moment and we have to give continuity to our results. We will need an excellent Milan.”

On the praise received on Friday from club-president Silvio Berlusconi: “The words from the President made me very happy above all for my players. The players always work hard, but one match is not enough to become great. Once we’ve been able to give continuity to our results we can be happy. My objective is to always try and put my players in the best technical conditions and get the best out of them on the pitch.”

A focus on Genoa and a word about club skipper Montolivo: “If we don’t have a shot against us on goal, it’s because the forwards are very good, the midfielders are compact and the defenders have been very attentive. I really respect Gasperini’s side. Home advantage will be fundamental for them. However, we’re ready for any battle right now and I believe that it will also be hard for them to come up against a Milan side like this. Montolivo has fully recovered and he is giving me doubts whether to play him from the start or not, I will speak with him and try to understand his feelings and then I will decide.”

Inzaghi continued: “Van Ginkel, just like Armero, had a great match versus Udinese. I have a few doubts for tomorrow. This is also because I am taking into great consideration Poli as he’s very good, he’s a first team player for this squad just like Van Ginkel and Saponara. Up front and in midfield I am spoilt for choice. I am calm because when we train as we do, it’s going to be hard to beat us. We will have to be organised and compact and ruthless when we have the right chance. Against Udinese we were very clinical, but I hope there is further improvements compared to the last match with Udinese”.

A comment on Alessandro Matri, on loan at Genoa from Milan: “I’m very happy when Matri does well because he’s a friend. We spoke during the summer to discuss his future and he preferred to go to a team where he could play, I hope he can come back stronger than before. Van Ginkel had an excellent match versus Udinese and when you don’t misplace a pass it says a lot. I know I can rely on him, I will evaluate tomorrow whether to pick him again. If I don’t, it means I will have a player ready to come off the bench. Physically and for the way he plays, he reminds me a bit of Montolivo but every player is different to another, but for his shot and passing, he’s similar to Montolivo.”

There was a question about the meeting planned between Antonio Conte and Serie A coaches: “I welcome the meeting between the coaches, we’re the first to support our national side, I know how Conte works and I am happy that he’s Italy coach. We will meet up and we will try and find the right solution together.”

On Menez: “Menez shouldn’t be caged into one playing system, but needs to be left free to express his characteristics, based on the opponent. We try to prepare some plays that he has to carry out when we are in possession. I have to take things match by match, but a club like Milan has to aim as a minimum for third place, to achieve that though we have to do something fantastic. We will try in every way to fight with the other established teams like Napoli to achieve that, with these conditions and with our efforts we can do it.”

More on individuals: “Torres is a player who gives everything, I hope that bit by bit he goes back to being the player we all know. He’s been missing a goal, but in these particular moments, it’s better to let him rest to be able to come back in a better physical and mental moment. The goals from Torres and Pazzini will be fundamental for us to reach our objective that we have in mind. I think he just needs one goal. I wanted this player and I have the duty to try all the way. I hope that he can soon score again or tomorrow.”