A double session for the team. There was a physical work-out in the morning and tactics in the afternoon.


(PHOTO: Giacomo Bonaventura in training)

MILANELLO – The team went through a double session today and the morning was given over to a physical work-out.

The players started out in the covered area before moving to the raised pitch for a series of power runs with the weights using the lower hurdles and cones.

They then went into a complex work-out between four points to work on:

– Lateral movements and headers

– Running with the rubber bands

– Lateral movements on low hurdles and then sprints

– Sprints with weights

The session ended with a gym work-out for the whole squad.

Bonaventura completed the full session while Montolivo and Bonera went through the first part in the covered area before following their personalized programme in the gym.

The team then came back in the afternoon to work on tactics which consisted of a four against four possession drill with a free player and then five against five which included the attack against the defence.