MILAN - On Tuesday night the Banca Popolare di Milano held an event organised alongside AC Milan at the headquarters in Milan for the Vogue Fashion Night Out. Guests and organisers were able to admire some of the club's most important trophies inside the great hall, which houses a dome that is 18 metres high. The rossoneri were represented by Adriano Galliani, Andrea Poli, Giacomo Bonaventura and Marco Van Ginkel.
Andrea Poli spoke to the press and this is what he had to say:
"We were hoping to pick up all six points in these two games. We played well but we are still a work in progress with a new coach, new players and tactics. We can still improve a lot and I hope that the team improves with every game. We try to put the coach's ideas into practice because he is very thorough about the details. We have been working together two and a half months and I think we still have to improve and interpret the games better. We can only do this if we start to improve on the errors we make. But the spirit of the group is excellent, you can see that in the goal celebrations but also in the way we handled the difficult moments against Parma, where we had to battle. They say that when a team concedes a goal then it is down to the defence but actually it is the whole team that makes mistakes and so we must improve to avoid conceding goals. Menez is doing very well, technically he is very good and he has settled in well. Let's hope he continues to make a difference like he did on Sunday night."
The midfielder also spoke about his experience with the Italy team.
He said: "In the 10 days I was wish the national team I understood why Juve managed to win three scudetto's in a row with Conte on the bench. He is very meticulous about the details as is Inzaghi. They both want to give their teams a solid way of playing. I hope that Inzaghi follows in the footsteps of Conte. We finished 45 points behind Juve last season and that is too many but now there is a new spirit about the team. Unfortunately last season was a big disappointment but now we want to make up for it because were are all playing for a very important club."