(IN THE PHOTO: Inzaghi takes questions from the press)
MILAN- On Friday, Filippo Inzaghi faced the press at Milanello ahead of Lazio-Milan:
Opening comments on the support of the President Berlusconi and the upcoming match against Lazio: "The President has been calling me all week twice a day. I am fully aware of his closeness and that of the club’s in a not easy moment. I am sure that we will come out of it. Every match is decisive for me. We have two tough matches against Lazio. Nothing has been compromised because we’re in a normal position in the league table. Often all you need is just one match, a spark to get out of it."
Inzaghi continued: "We all have the desire to show what we can do. Tomorrow we have to show this on the pitch. Words serve very little. The absences don’t worry me. However, not being able to choose the same team due to injuries doesn’t help us, but I am calm. We will have to do without De Jong and I think that Montolivo, who is going through a good moment, will play. On the 31st of December it was written that this was an extraordinary side and it showed we were doing well. You cannot lose all of that in 20 days. From a good performance you get a result."
A word on the potential moves in the January transfer window: "The club is always very alert in the transfer market, but for me the best additions would be having back the injured players. The team has showed that when it is on form it can do well against anyone. I cannot wait for tomorrow because I am sure that we will have a great match. I’ve tried to show everyone the good performances that we’ve given and I have tried to reassure them because there are more good performances than bad performances. We have 2 matches in 3 days and so Pazzini will play one of those for 90 minutes because he’s a fundamental player. As with regards to the criticisms, I have broad shoulders. This serenity isn’t a façade, it’s because I know we’re working."
More from the coach: "I expected a bit of a telling-off from Berlusconi which didn’t happen because he knows that we’re giving our all and working very well. A coach makes mistakes even after 25 years of coaching. I am moving on with my team convinced of my ideas."
Inzaghi pointed the way forwards: "We all have to help each other out and keep on pedaling. We have had highs and lows which we have to try and avoid in the second part of the season. There is always an exchange of ideas with the President, which is positive. Tomorrow you will see a side that is really up for it. The criticisms make me stronger, perhaps because in these 20 years I didn’t always receive compliments. I am sure that we will do well based on the hunger that I saw in training by my players. I feel very calm, the closeness of CEO Galliani that I’ve had in these days makes me proud. The only problem we have is trying to find the side that 20 days ago was doing well."
Closing comments: "We have lost some matches because we were disorganised. These players are aware that wearing this Milan jersey is an honour and you have to keep a tight hold of it. The results were there in the past and will return."