(IN THE PHOTO: De Sciglio at Cucina Milanello) 
MILAN – Mattia De Sciglio arrived at around 13.45 at Cucina Milanello to watch Genoa-Milan. Upon arrival he was welcomed by a round of applause by the numerous fans present and he immediately handed out autographs and posed for photos.  The Milan defender also took some time to speak exclusively to the Milan Channel. These were his comments: "You can feel the closeness of the fans and this is a nice initiative because you come up close with the fans and it’s always nice. Casa Milan has become a confirmation of the initial project, I am happy that it is visited and popular with so many fans because it means Milan is always Milan. My recovery is going better, it’s a bit delicate, and you have to be careful because if it worsens I risk it dragging on and so we’re trying to take all the necessary precautions."Click here to see photos of Mattia De Sciglio at Cucina Milanello.