(IN THE PHOTO: the President speaks to the players)
MILANELLO – Friday’s visit to Milanello by the President Silvio Berlusconi lasted around one hour and a half and came on the eve of Lazio-Milan. The President arrived by helicopter at 13.50 local time and he made use of his visit to pass on his confidence in the team and the coach. 
Upon arrival, Berlusconi greeted Inzaghi just as the Milan coach was about to face the media for the pre-match press conference. Inside the club-house at Milanello the President spoke to the players. Here is an extract of what the club president said: "You shouldn’t get down because I’ve said and I repeat that I would not change this squad with any other squad in Italy. I am happy with the squad that Milan has. You have to be aware of this, not be low and fearful because in football there are good moments and bad moments. Remember that the President and the whole club have the utmost confidence in the coach and in all of you."
The President’s 20th visit of the season to Milanello ended at 15.22 local time.