MILAN - Braun, leader in shaving equipment, is renewing its collaboration with the world of sport and along with Milan Foundation they are developing Shave your Style. #rispettailmiostile is a project for young people aimed at making them more aware of the importance of respect towards others and the styles that characterize them, where style is not only an aesthetic code but also a way of life, of being and of presenting oneself.
Often and all too frequently, young people are the culprits or victims of physical and psychological violence cause by the lack of respect or from prejudice towards others who may have a different style. #rispettailmiostile is a campaign that involves teachers, students and coaches from the Scuole calcio in the hope of reaching out to thousands of young people.
The consequences of such an approach can be as varied as solitude to depression, from eating disorders to skipping school. Which is why Braun has decided to join forces with Milan Foundation to launch Shave your style.  #rispettailmiostile. The idea is to promote respect and to make these young people appreciate the style that distinguishes others, a necessary part of life for social intergration both in the workplace but also in school and on the field of play.
The project is divided into different activities;- A school education project that involves 30 schools in 5 different Italian cities throughout the year, with courses for students and teachers and also events in the five cities that will give poeple a chance to talk to experts about the arguments surrounding respect. The project will involve about 5000 young people.- An educational program that directly involves students, invited to share their stories about 'style and respect'.- A fundraiser aimed at consumers via the social media website of P&G and shops that sell Braun products.- An information campaign aimed at the Milan Scuole Calcio in Italy (nearly 30000 kids).
To support this project, Braun and Milan Foundation have turned to the Alta Scuola Largo Gemelli at the Cattolica University for help in developing a detailed research into the theme of respect in Italy, through the use of questionnaires, laboratories and interviews with kids from the schools involved.
Four AC Milan players will be ambassadors of this project and of what it represents. They are Keisuke Honda, Nigel De Jong, Philippe Mexes and Sulley Ali Muntari.
Honda with his super left foot, De Jong with his battling ability, Mexes with his strength and desire to win and Muntari, with his ability to cover many different positions in midfield. All four players have their own unique style and identity but all four respect the rules of the game and their opponents.
Shave your style. #rispettailmiostile -  The partnership
With the creation of Shave your style, #rispettailmiostile, Braun hopes to donate 100,000 euro through offers, the aid of consumers on social media and an initiative in shops that started on October 15th 2014 and runs through to 30th June 2015. For every Braun shaver bought, Braun will donate 1 euro.
Even fans of the Italian P&G Facebook page can contribute to the project. All that is needed is to share the video that P&G will post on the page by using the hashtag #rispettailmiostile on the social media. For every share, Braun will make a donation to Milan Channel.
Milan Foundation will make sure the project is implemented with the help of their  partners La Fabbrica and the University Cattolica.
"As experts in promoting different types of 'styles', Braun puts a lot of importance on respect to mean the understanding of ones identity made up of not just looks and aethetics but as a way of life and culture," said Leonora Scarpa, the Global Brand Manager of Braun. "Creating your own style, your own identity and maintaining it while always respecting others in their differences is the first step in becoming an adult. This is the reason why we decided to join forces with Milan Foundation in educating young people on this theme, guiding them with specific tools to be used at school where these young people doing so much of their growing up. Even sport, in this context, is an excellent place where where growth and respect take place and Milan Foundation is an association that is active in the area of social change. For 11 years they have been working alongside sport to educate and develop the younger generations and for us they are an ideal partner."
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