(IN THE PHOTO: thumbs-up from Marco Van Ginkel) 
MILANELLO – Marco Van Ginkel gave an exclusive interview to the Milan Channel on Friday. This is what the Dutchman had to say:"I feel very good, it’s my third day here at Milanello. I’ve done lots of tests at the Milan Lab and they want to see how your body responds. I am happy to be here, it’s a great club, with lots of brilliant people and excellent players.”"Nigel De Jong called me a few times and told me that they wanted to get me on loan for a season. He said some excellent things about the club. Fernando Torres also spoke very well about the club, but I spoke more to Nigel because he’s Dutch and this helps me. Both of them have helped me though.”"De Jong spoke to me a bit about the history of Milan, but above all my future here, because at Chelsea I didn’t have that many chances to play after my injury. I had to therefore look for other possibilities and Nigel spoke very well to me about Milan. He said that it’s a great club, where you can play all the matches. This is very positive for me and is one of the reasons why I chose Milan and I am happy to be here.""I am a midfielder, I can attack but also defend. My best position is as a box to box midfielder. I know how to score but also help in the defensive phase.""Coach Inzaghi has told me the things that he is expecting from me during a match. I don’t speak Italian yet and so we have assistants who translate. He’s said some good things about me and that is all I can say. The rest is a secret!""Milan is still one of the best clubs in the world. To be able to play in a stadium like the San Siro, an amazing stadium, that can hold so many fans, would be an honour and it makes you want to give everything for the jersey.""Mourinho was the Inter coach, our competitors, but this doesn’t count. I’m now a Milan player. He’s now coaching Chelsea, he thinks about me and he knows that I need to play. He told me that Milan is a huge club, a great team to play for and it would be a big opportunity for me to play for Milan.""When I was younger I used to watch Lampard and Gerrard. I’m now a professional footballer and I play for a big club. I’ve played alongside Frank Lampard last year, but at this stage I don’t feel the gap so much. I have to now focus on myself. One day I want to be like these players."The interview did finish on a more light hearted note and the Dutch midfielder told us the first words that he’s learnt in Italian: “Grazie, buongiorno!"