(IN THE PHOTO: Mondo Milan museum) 
MILAN – The Mondo Milan museum at the club’s headquarters Casa Milan, has the goal of creating a unique experience that combines the club’s eldest relics with the latest digital technologies. 
It’s now been six months since the museum opened its doors and the interactive experience offered to visitors, thanks to new technologies and Google Products such as Google Plus, have revealed themselves to be a huge success with the public. 
Google and Milan have combined to allow fans an innovative experience. For instance, upon arrival visitors can sign-in through a special digital point where they are handed a RFID bracelet that allows them to personalise their visit through “+1”: a digital language between Google Plus users to indicate their preferences. This technology allows them to interact with the 4 areas in the museum. 85% of visitors have so far used the bracelet actively inside the musem while more than 100.000 “+1” have been communicated and sent via email from the museum to each visitor to allow them to receive online their experience and share it with others. 
In this way, fans are an active part of Mondo Milan where the concept #weareacmilan comes to life: shared passion, unity, participation, all with the aim of uniting the rossonero community across the world! The Digital Guestbook is one of the best examples of this, where all the visitors that register at the entrance can see their photo appear digitally next to the Milan players and management in addition to other visitors. Click here for more! 
The Heat Map meanwhile allows the club to narrate all about the importance internationally of the Milan brand through videos. This digital wall also has posts from the different parts of the world through the official Milan Google Plus page (the fifth most popular G+ page in the world for sports clubs). The map highlights the areas in which you can find the greatest concentration of the club’s fans and you can also see the most important comments from the fans. Click here for more! 
Also at the museum, visitors will find an interactive table with 6 touch-screen points that allows them to consult the History Map. This is the most recent digital installation where you can discover more about the Milan Foundation and its activities, the international triumphs of the club and the Milan Glorie. This also allows fans to interact online. Click here to discover more!