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Description: Eddie Izzard is best known as an actor, multi-lingual comedian, multi-marathon runner, and trailblazing political candidate. Her television and film credits include Oceans Twelve, Oceans Thirteen, Absolutely Anything, and Six Minutes to Midnight.
The Shakespeare tragedy follows Prince Hamlet, who, after the recent passing of his father, the King of Denmark, is determined to avenge his father's death and initiate revenge, setting off a series of events that will destroy both family and state. Eddie will be portraying men, women, ghosts, scholars, tyrants, courtiers, lovers, fools, and poets.
Speaking about the upcoming show, Izzard said, “I have always gravitated towards playing complex and challenging characters, and Hamlet is the ultimate. This is a production for everyone, a timeless drama with an accidental hero. Selina, Mark, and I want audiences to see and hear an accessible, touching, scary, and dramatic Hamlet.”

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