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Description: Following acclaimed seasons at the National Theatre, Clint Dyer and Roy Williams’ extraordinary series of three interconnected plays are back. Watch one of the three plays as a standalone experience or discover the connections between two or three of the plays as Michael (Death of England: Michael), Delroy (Death of England: Delroy), Denise and Carly (Death of England: Closing Time) navigate the joys and challenges of what it means to be British in 2024. Playing for a strictly limited run at @sohoplace, discover the Death of England, and book your tickets today.The three performances are all linked as they delve into the confrontations faced with being British in 2024, and the self-dilemmas faced about identity and race. Michael follows a man as he battles through the loss of his father, while his family is in crisis. Michael has to navigate through the feelings of loss and anger as he tackles the meaning of life and the state he then has to deal with the real truth by the man and the world he thought he knew so well. When it gets to the point of the funeral, Michael, unannounced and unprepared, decides to say what is on his mind.

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