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Description: London, are you ready? Warriors, are you ready? Long, long ago, in the Land of the Rising Sun, four Warriors used the power of laughter to capture Batsu no Akuma, the Spirit of Punishment, within a sacred gong. Now the evil spirit has once more emerged in London and the Comedy Warriors must rise again!
BATSU! Is the hit underground show created in New York and Chicago, where comedians compete to avoid electric shocks, paintballs, a giant chicken, and many more hilarious, jaw-dropping punishments.
Don’t miss this eclectic game of punishment and honour as it makes its way from across the Atlantic to London audiences for the first time ever. Get ready to immerse yourself in the bacchanalian world of BATSU!, where anything can happen.
Band A are the best seats in the house, closest to the action and include a Hachimaki Headband. The hachimaki is a Japanese headband — like in The Karate Kid, only BATSU! style, and it’s yours to take home. Collect your Hachimaki at the show and you will receive two drinks from the sneaky SAKE SHINOBI! Participation in the show is only offered on the night and by signing the BATSU waiver form. If you wish to participate please speak to our BATSU cast on arrival. Seating is unreserved within each priceband.

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