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Description: Bill Bailey is known for his hilarious stand-up comedy as well as for appearing on shows such as Never Mind The Buzzcocks, Have I Got News For You, and QI. The multi-talented comedian is now back for a brand new show at the Theatre Royal Haymarket.
The term Thoughtifier (noun) refers to an intriguing device that can amplify the thoughts of a curious mind using music, channelled through a human instrument, known as Bill Bailey (colloquial) a person resembling Bill Bailey.
In a time of self-scan checkouts, AI, and ChatGPT, we are entering a world where humans might be redundant, and many tasks can be done better and more efficiently by machines. It's the perfect time to celebrate our flawed humanity. Who better to guide us through this than Bill? He will take us on a journey through the error-strewn, distracted, and sometimes magnificent history of human thought, and show us how it might help us survive in this brave new world.

Thoughtifier Reviews:
“A unique hybrid of music, mirth and 24-carat whimsy. *****” - The Evening Standard 
“Freewheeling between musical genius and avuncular wizardry… An evening sprinkled with eccentric marvels! ****” - The Mail on Sunday
“Amiable tinkering in the spaces between music, whimsy and sound… no one does it better.” - The Guardian
“A gently uproarious gig from one of comedy’s most twinkle-toed talents.” - The Telegraph

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