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MILAN – After the positive experiences of the Goalkeeper Summer Camps carried out over the past 5 years in Monza, Tirrenia, Roma and Pomezia, another specific training course with the aim of helping young goalkeepers and coaches is set to be launched. Through the Milan Junior Camp, young goalkeepers trial out training techniques characterised by various challenges where the objective is to test yourself and your abilities to improve technically, physically and mentally. As for the coaches, the training course is focused on the specific requirements of the role through the development of your coaching abilities. It has 8 modules entirely dedicated to the role of goalkeeping and will take place at the Polisportiva Dilettantistica Cimiano in Via Don Giovanni Calabria, Milan from the 27th of October. The training course has been organised by Valerio Fiori, the former Milan goalkeeper and currently goalkeeping coach for the Milan Youth Sector side the Allievi Nazionali. For more information on costs and the course, please click here. Alternatively, please feel free to write to: