(IN THE PHOTO: a group photo from last night's party)MILAN- All ten of the Milan Youth Sector teams, along with their coaching and management staff, held their annual Christmas party yesterday in the city. There were a host of senior figures present at the party which included chief executive Adriano Galliani and first team players Mattia De Sciglio, Alessandro Matri, Stephan El Shaarawy, club captain Riccardo Montolivo and coach Massimiliano Allegri.  Please see below a round-up of last night’s events:17.20 – The players started to arrive including coach Filippo Inzaghi’s Primavera at the Metropol Dolce & Gabbana.17.45 – Filippo Galli, head of the Milan Youth Sector spoke exclusively to the Milan Channel and had the following to say ahead of the Christmas party: "It’s a great evening because we get to meet all the players, parents, staff and management. Let’s hope the next year is full of positives. I think the most important thing is the development of these players. The club invests so much in the youth sector. The person comes first, otherwise we wouldn’t be able to achieve any of our objectives. With the Primavera side we qualified from the group stages in the UEFA Youth League. As a result we were able to face teams with different styles of play.  The next round against Chelsea will be a great experience for our players. They’re not a typical English side. They play the ball on the ground, in a very similar manner to Ajax and Barcelona. We’re aware of all these factors but we’ll give it our all.”17.48 – Milan Chief executive Adriano Galliani arrived.18.00 – Primavera coach Filippo Inzaghi was also interviewed by the Milan Channel and had the following to say: "When you meet up for these type of events, it is always nice. The youth sector has to work hard to help these players fulfil their potential. We have an important goal which has to be achieved in the best possible way. We have to create players worthy of playing for Milan: this has to be our goal.I’m happy with how things are going, we’re doing well in Europe. Playing against Barcelona and Ajax, we’ve realised we’re on par with them and we qualified from the group. Now we will face the very best, like Chelsea. The growth of some of these players fills me with joy. Chelsea was the hardest team we could have faced. 18 points and just one goal conceded. Immediately I thought about other things, such as how much experience the players will get. We’re a good group of players and we’ll give our all.The derby is special for everybody. They’ve got a great team, with quality players, but we’re ready. Let’s hope we play a good match. We’re preparing in the best possible way. The match against Atletico will be a great match. I’ve never faced Atletico or Chelsea as a player.”18.03 –First Team coach Massimiliano Allegri arrived at the youth sector party.18.15 – The party officially began at the Metropol in Milan.18.21 – Club captain Riccardo Montolivo arrived at the event.18.30 – Mattia De Sciglio, Alessandro Matri and assistant coach Mauro Tassotti arrived shortly after Montolivo at the Metropol.18.45 – Stephan El Shaarawy arrived to pay a visit to Milan’s youth sector.19.00 – Chief executive Adriano Galliani gave a speech in which he said the following: “Best wishes to all the players, their families and the coaching staff that help them. Barbara Berlusconi wanted to be here but another commitment has stopped her from doing so.The club wants to develop the youth sector and it also wants to do it away from the pitch. Every team has a mentor, while their school progress is also monitored. We assure you Milan is always looking to strengthen the youth sector. We’re satisfied with the progress. We want the youth sector to be what it was when President Silvio Berlusconi first arrived. It has to be like the one in 1986 with Costacurta, Filippo Galli, Maldini and Baresi, that along with Tassotti won 3 European Cups together. We strengthened the side but there were already players ready from the youth sector.We’ve got two top players here tonight Mattia De Sciglio and Alessandro Matri that come from our youth sector. They’ve made it to the top. Alessandro made his debut at Piacenza, he’s been around a few clubs in Italy and he’s back. Mattia is the model player for the club and the coach. He cost Milan just 1 thousand euros.The evening we bought Montolivo, we were having dinner and his father told us an anecdote. His talent was discovered at the age of 7 and we knew he could become a player of the youth sector. The family decided though to send him to Atalanta because it was closer. Then he arrived for nothing…one thousand euros less than De Sciglio.We need to bring players right up until the first team, that is the youth sector I want. Unfortunately some clubs abroad have greater economic resources at their disposal, which is why we must continue to strengthen our youth sector. This is the club’s mission. We need to return to the levels of Galli, Costacurta, Baresi and Maldini."19.18 – First team coach Massimiliano Allegri had the following to say: "It’s a pleasure to be here. It’s the fourth time and always great. I agree with the club’s philosophy on the youth sector and over the years many players have gone on to play in Serie A and for Milan. I think De Sciglio is now an important player for the club. There was an excellent job done by those who monitored his progress. Now the focus is on these players here tonight and making sure they reach the top level, but also leave the youth sector as rounded individuals with an understanding of life’s values. Once again, I wish everyone a merry Christmas.”19.30 – The captain of the Pulcini 2005 swapped his captain’s armband with Montolivo’s armband. The club captain then took the microphone to speak to the crowd: "I hope you all achieve the dream that you have within your hearts and the one that I had the luck to achieve. Happy Christmas.”19.35: Adriano Galliani closed the evening’s events with a toast wishing everyone a merry Christmas.