MILAN – Lorenzo Buffon won four league titles with Milan from 1950-1959 as well as two Coppa Latinas. The historic Rossoneri keeper is Gigi Buffon’s grandfather’s second cousin. The current Italian international made his debut against Milan in Parma-Milan on 19 November 1995.
Next year will mark two decades that Gigi Buffon and Milan have been adversaries and the balance after all that time sees Buffon in the lead. 11 wins for him with 12 draws and 8 wins for the Rossoneri. However at the San Siro where Sunday’s match will be played, Milan are ahead with 5 wins, 6 draws and 2 wins for Buffon.
Apart from the summer matches, (such as the Luigi Berlusconi Trophy when he got injured in  clash with Kakà in August 2005), Milan and Buffon have faced off in the league, the Champions League (That final in Manchester) and in the Coppa Italia.
Here’s a rundown of the matches played:1995-96: Parma-Milan 0-01996-97: Milan-Parma 0-1 and Parma-Milan 1-11997-98: Parma-Milan 3-1 / Coppa Italia: Milan-Parma 0-0 and Parma-Milan 2-21998-99: Parma-Milan 4-0 and Milan-Parma 2-11999-00: Milan-Parma 2-1 and Parma-Milan 1-02000-01: Parma-Milan 2-0 and Milan-Parma 2-22001-02: Milan-Juventus 1-1 and Juventus-Milan 1-02002-03: Juventus-Milan 2-1 and Milan-Juventus 2-1 / Champions League: Juventus-Milan 2-3 after penalties2003-04: Milan-Juventus 1-1 and Juventus-Milan 1-32004-05: Juventus-Milan 0-0 and Milan-Juventus 0-12005-06: Juventus-Milan 0-02007-08: Milan-Juventus 0-0 and Juventus-Milan 3-22008-09: Milan-Juventus 1-12009-10: Milan-Juventus 3-02010-11: Juventus-Milan 0-12011-12: Juventus-Milan 2-0 and Milan-Juventus 1-12012-13: Milan-Juventus 1-0 and Juventus-Milan 1-02013-14: Juventus-Milan 3-2