MILAN – The post-match reaction from the San Siro following the win over Spezia in the Italian cup:MAURO TASSOTTI“We showed the right approach and the team did well. As long as we stayed focused on the match, things went well. Pazzini played a big game. He scored, he created and he had a lot of chances. I saw some very good patches of play and I’m happy. Rami is a very exuberant player. He has to learn to play simple football at the back.The team has to understand that even if we’re 3-0 up, we can’t slacken. The substitutions have an impact there. We changed things a lot and created some confusion. This is a win for the club. We have to play in Europe next season and this looks like the easiest road to get us there.This is a win for Allegri as well. There were some positives in the game but we didn’t end the match well. I’m personally very tied to Allegri. He was here for 3 and a half years and I feel a level of responsibility with what happened as well. Just as I did the year that we won the title too. Getting through to the next round was the most important thing and it’s important to have Pazzini back as well. Knowing we can count on him is fundamental. Honda did well and he needs to up the rhythm in his game. Technically he’s very good and he scored a good goal.I don’t know what I’ll say to Seedorf. He knows the team and many of them played with him as well. I don’t think he ever took his eyes off this club. I can clear any doubts regarding the squad.”GIAMPAOLO PAZZINI"I’m happy with this match as my last time starting a game was 8 months ago. The goals build confidence for the future but as things stand we’re not in a great position. It’s difficult. We just had to win today, that was the only thing that counted and we’ll get back to work tomorrow. We have to improve in many areas and everyone knows that. We have to keep our heads down and pedal as we’re not doing things worthy of this club. We now have to win again on Sunday and get some continuity to our results. I play well with Honda. He plays between the middle and the attack and uses the ball well. All credit to him for how he’s settled in.Seedorf has a lot of personality. I can remember him as a player. He always looked for the ball and was a real champion. He’s won everything. There’s a lot of curiosity to see him work but I still remember Allegri. Him losing his job was a big loss for the whole team.Our first half of the season went very badly. The players have to accept responsibility for that. Now we have no more excuses. The responsibility now lies on our shoulders.Matri is a strong player, he was just unlucky here. The World Cup is at the back of my mind. I want to get into form and score big goals for this team before thinking about the Azzurri, that’s for sure.”