MILANELLO -  This is what was said by coach Clarence Seedorf in his pre-match press conference ahead of Sampdoria-Milan on Sunday at 15.00:The first questions were about the Sampdoria match and Clarence Seedorf’s past experiences with the Genoa based club: “It will be a great match against Mihajlovic. He was a brilliant player and I’m happy for him. Sampdoria gave me a lot. It was my first experience outside of Holland. I’m very grateful to them for that. Everyone is trying to obtain the best result, but the important thing is that respect exists between the two sides. This is a factor that has certainly never gone amiss between the two clubs.”There was naturally still a lot of questions and interest in Wednesday’s Champions League match against Atletico: “It’s only a partial result. Insua’s challenge was a nasty one, and you journalists could also speak up about it. De Sciglio then had to go off. Let’s hope we can have him back in action as soon as possible along with Balotelli. It was a fortuitous goal against Atletico Madrid. You need a bit of luck in football. An increase in the concentration levels will help, but the same applies for them as well. We’re constantly striving to improve. I saw great things in terms of our intensity and play. We had shown this in other matches but on the European stage it’s more evident. I hope that it continues.”The team spirit is constantly on the up: “We’ve made progress in terms of team spirit and unity. This is the basis of everything. If we continue along this path, we’ll get our rewards. The concentration is now on Sampdoria, I don’t want to cause arguments between Atletico. My interest is solely on how much we create and our opponents. These are the things that matter. This isn’t basketball. What counts is conceding little and scoring one goal more than your opponent. No one misses a goal scoring chance or concedes on purpose, I’ve already said how I’m going to judge my team."The focus then turned to Milan’s next opponents Sampdoria: “We’re preparing for an important match. They’re doing well, but our objectives are very clear. Sampdoria play in a similar manner to us. We need to go about the match on the basis of the opponent. They’re very well organised and they attack well. They’ve got players who can put us in difficulty. They had a good first-half against Roma, which is another reason to be attentive and remain focused during the match.”There were questions on Balotelli but Seedorf was very clear with his words: “I don’t understand how Balotelli is bad. I’m sorry that France Football created this list. Football isn’t a nasty sport. He’s a sweet, positive and nice lad. He’s made mistakes with his behaviour like many youngsters in the past, but since I’ve arrived he’s grown a lot in all areas. I’m very happy with him."On the individuals in the team: "Honda? I think he can play. Taarabt is an enormous talent, with lots of room for improvement. He’s finding continuity and I’m happy with him. I hope that he keeps his current attitude up, because he’s doing really well. Poli is important like the rest of the players. I don’t know if he will play. My intention is to get all the players through to the end of the season in peak condition. I had the intention of resting De Sciglio because he’s played 14 matches in a row and to give some playing time to Abate. We’re really happy with De Sciglio and his development. A squad is solid at the back when the whole team plays its part in the defensive phase. Rami can improve a lot and I’m already very satisfied with his performances.”Commenting on the campaign against homophobia: “For me the differences that exist are what makes the world beautiful. The respect for our fellow human being is fundamental along with integration. It’s important to know how to live peacefully with others.”Final training sessions at the San Siro? This is what Seedorf thinks: “I understand Mazzarri when he conducts his final training session in the stadium. In Madrid we will do the same. We’re already accustomed to the San Siro. At Milanello we have everything in terms of support.”Lots of optimism towards the future, but at the same time Seedorf made it clear about the differences between Serie A and the Champions League: “We’ve still got to play in the league. We know that the performance that we gave on Wednesday is one that we have to replicate. The game itself depends on the opponents. Against Bologna you’re not able to play the same match as against Atletico. The smaller sides put 10 men behind the ball against the big sides. In the Champions League this doesn’t happen. We need to create the right attitude to take on opponents in the right way in every match. We’re trying to not let anyone down. What we can guarantee is our constant commitment. I’m happy with the compliments that the players received and the recognition for their work. All this praise is good for the group. We want to keep this up. In Italy you play a different game to Europe. The match on Wednesday has helped us work well this week. Tomorrow we’ll try and take another step forward to achieve the best for us."