(IN THE PHOTO: Ricardo Kakà with the ball at his feet)
MILAN – Post match reaction from the San Siro after Milan faced Udinese in the Tim cup:CLARENCE SEEDORF“We’re very disappointed for what the fans are going through. We have to look forward and build and you can’t construct something important in just a couple of days. All the different pieces of the club are working in the same direction for the future. The important thing is to evaluate the positives from the performance, looking at the mistakes, to understand our potential and to plan the future which will take time. I thought the players looked psyched, especially in the first half, then the penalty changed that. Udinese didn’t do much at the start when we played well for half an hour. It was one of those games. Udinese didn’t push forward a lot but they were more incisive. Like I said before we have a lot of work to do. There’s enthusiasm around the club thanks to the fans. These are moments when we have to stay calm and that’s what I’m here for. We’ll focus on the job and the results will come. I know the game well enough. After 22 years with some truly great coaches, I know that time brings results. Ideas and work always pay off. The club will take care of the transfer market. The players are working hard but they have yet to take on some of the mechanisms that I want. I’m not expecting miracles. I had 7 players out with fever this evening, but that’s not an excuse. We have to be objective and have trust in what we’re doing. Zapata felt a twinge and we didn’t want to risk anything. At the moment, we need all the players.”RICARDO KAKA'“We’re really disappointed. The cup was the best way to get into Europe next season and now we have a tough road ahead of us in the league. All credit to Udinese but once we took the league we should have got the result. The formation didn’t work today but against Verona it did. We’ll start off again from that and keep working. We have little to talk about and lots to work on. It’s a tough moment and it’s bad to get knocked out of the cup at home. There’s a chance now that we won’t be playing in Europe next season but we should take this as a motivation. It’s hard to imagine a Milan side that doesn’t play in Europe. It’s tough for all of us at the moment. We have a lot of improving to do.”