RINO GATTUSO: “President Berlusconi has always respected his coaches”

MILAN – At the presentation of “Papaveri e Papere”, Rino Gattuso spoke about the current state of the club: “Seedorf was courageous to accept the situation of a couple of months ago and now the team is starting to play. I miss coaching and one day I wouldn’t be sorry to go back to Milan, it was my home for so many years”.
“I’ve decided to start at the bottom and get some experience. I was happy to Milan and it’s the team I followed as a boy. President Berlusconi used to spent more time at Milanello in the early years. He always used to come on the eve of the finals we played and it was like a drug for me. He could motivate you so much and he always respected his team’s coaches. Any criticism was done far away from the players and that’s a sign of respect. Other president really let themselves go in front of the players as if they want to be coaches. He never did”.