(IN THE PHOTO: Petagna, Taarabt and Rami together with children from the Santa Maria delle Vigne centre in Genoa)
MILAN – The Milan and Parish Recreational Center initiative continued yesterday in Genoa with the Santa Maria delle Vigne centre in the city.
The centre was represented by Andrea Fazzini, the centre’s football coach as well as father Nicolò Anselmi.
The centre’s football team is called ASD Sancta Maria in Vineis and attempts to educate children through the values of the game.
The sporting activities of the centre provide activities for more than 50 children between the ages of 6 and 20 while the centre also provides other educational and recreational activities such as cinema, basketball and volley ball.
A delegation of players including Andrea Petagna, Adel Taarabt and Adil Rami met the children and Andrea Fazzini as well as presenting them with autographs and tickets to Sunday's match at the Ferraris stadium.