(IN THE PHOTO: a smiling Clarence Seedorf)MILANELLO- This is what was said in yesterday's pre-match press conference ahead of Udinese-Milan at 18.00 on Saturday at the Friuli Stadium.The concentration levels are high ahead of Udinese-Milan tomorrow. These were coach Clarence Seedorf’s opening comments: "We’ve been good so far in taking things one game at a time. We’ve been focused on taking the matches as they come and tomorrow will be the same. Our focus is on ourselves. Their strong points are obvious. They're always in a good position in the league table and they give space to young players who eventually become important players for the team. It’s normal that they have highs and lows, because they start from scratch every year. I congratulate them. We need to focus on our objectives: impose our game and get the best result possible. I’m expecting a team with a similar attitude. This is a fundamental aspect, even more so than the technical and tactical side of the game. We showed this against Sampdoria with the right attitude and by playing at a high pace. Against Udinese we need to replicate this with our desire to help each other out and impose our style of play. Tomorrow is obviously another important test for the team. We need to focus on the club’s objectives. I want players who feel ready to play. I observe them every day and I’m calm. They’re all really up for it and committed. There will be changes tomorrow because in 5 days’ time we’ve got an important match. We also need to keep an eye out on the Champions League. Against Udinese we need to continue playing well.”This is what the Dutchman had to say about Milan’s position in the league table right now: " I’m asking the players not to look at the league table right now, but to concentrate on picking up points, the performances and to give continuity to those performances. Then we will assess things later on and then it will become automatic to look at the league table. Now is not the time to look at the league table. We know where we are, there’s no need to continuously remind ourselves of this. We always go out onto the pitch to win. I think the important thing is to give our all and the players have taken this message on board. It’s been like this so far and it will be the same tomorrow. I want to keep playing well. In this way the results will come, instead of playing badly. We also play to give good performances. For the fans and followers. Did you see the last match? We were applauded. The best team doesn’t always win. We’re not here to play well and lose, but by playing well you increase your chances of winning.”Speaking about the last match against Juventus, Seedorf had this to say: "We made a couple of mistakes for the first goal that we conceded, more than for the second. A shot from 30 metres can happen and I know about this having scored a few in my career. He did well. There was good build-up play in their first goal, but there was also some sloppiness on our side. I haven’t got any worries about conceding or not having scored. We created a lot of chances and they made mistakes in defence. The difference comes in taking advantage of those chances.”Coach Seedorf was forthright in his views about Mario Balotelli: "Balotelli is responsible for what he does in his free-time and the means in which he communicates. If a photo on Twitter is a news story for you, then that’s very sad. What worries me is the trivial news stories that appear in Italy. I’m not here to tell him how to use Twitter or other social network sites. The content is important, where things come out for what they really are. Maybe by moving his arm it could have helped him, but in your opinion would he do something that impedes his physical condition? He trains, has 6 hours of treatment a day and conducts himself impeccably. If he then doesn’t perform on the pitch then I can accept the criticisms, but outside of the pitch it’s not a problem. In Brazil it’s worse, but I would say that the quality of journalists in Italy are used to reading and dealing with certain situations with top athletes. If you give importance to a photo then it becomes an issue. For me it’s a trivial matter. Are you doctors that know if playing table tennis damages the shoulder? If you have spoken with a doctor beforehand, then I’ll accept it. Forbid social networks? I don’t think it’s easy. It’s a trivial matter. He’s trained well, the controversy over his actions on Twitter haven’t affected his recovery. Balotelli has always trained regularly and he’s available tomorrow. Fury over Balotelli? I don’t know. He’s done what he had to do and he’s available to the team. Ask him or the club for further information. He’s recovered well, the rest is of little interest to me.” Speaking about the recovery of certain players Seedorf had this to say: "Saponara is a player who has done well in every training session. He played well against Sampdoria. He is missing something to grow in all aspects, but he’s very positive and he deserves my attention, like all the others. Give Kakà a rest? Anything is possible. Prandelli didn’t call me before calling up De Sciglio. He was on the bench for us against Juventus, so he was free to call him up. Poli says that every day he’s getting better. We need to check daily. A head injury needs the upmost attention. Zapata and Balotelli are doing well. The Colombian hasn’t played and yesterday he trained well. He’s still got a bit of pain but he’ll have to learn to deal with it. They’ll be available for tomorrow.”Keisuke Honda will feature in the match against Udinese: "Honda will play tomorrow because he’s used to recovering quickly. Today he will recover and he will be ready tomorrow to play his part. In football not all players play in their preferred role. This happened to me for many years. He can do well like he did against Cagliari and Sampdoria. He hasn’t as yet found his rhythm, but it’s normal. Many top players have had problems. His style of play has fascinated me since 2010. He can move how he wants. Clearly he also has to help out in the defensive phase too. He’s committed, I don’t foresee any problems and he can grow in that role. Kakà also prefers to play in the middle. They need to learn how to play together and to take advantage of their individual characteristics to get the best out of the group. I believe that Honda is ready to have a good game like he has already done on other occasions.”Atletico Madrid’s Diego Costa impressed Seedorf during the international friendly Spain-Italy on Wednesday. These were the Dutchman’s thoughts: "Diego Costa is a serious threat. Every time he touches the ball he shoots at goal. He’s one of the most in-form strikers at the moment. Every time he is called upon he’s a danger.”