FILIPPO INZAGHI SPEAKS TO THE MILAN CHANNEL: “Let’s hope for a bit more luck and to win on Sunday”

MILAN – Here is what Primavera coach Filippo Inzaghi had to say exclusively to the Milan Channel ahead of this weekend’s derby with Inter at 14.30 on Sunday:"In the Italian Cup we were unlucky. I still find it hard to explain how we lost. If we repeat the same match, maybe this time luck will be on our side. Nevertheless, our aim is the growth of the players, then if the results come, even better.Compared to the Allievi Nazionali, the jump in quality is noteworthy. In the Primavera you prepare for the match as if it were the first team. The opponents prepare for the match meticulously. It’s an important reason for my development.I think we still need to improve on set-pieces. There have been some errors and we need to improve. We can’t concede similar goals. We’ve prepared in this space of time, because in tight matches set pieces can make the difference.For the Italian national team, we’re happy to have 4 players involved. For the Milan youth sector this is a big source of pride. Tomorrow is the final training session. We’ve only got Pedone suspended, there is a lot of players to choose from. The whole squad is available, I hope I choose well.It will be a great match against Chelsea. We have already been lucky to face Ajax and Barcelona and to pass the group stages. We’re proud of all of this. Chelsea are stronger than the Spanish. They’re strong in all areas. We’re proud of the work we have done so far. We play good football and everyone notices it. We’re Milan, we can’t forget this, but the fans know that whenever they come and watch they’re in for a great match because we play really well.Let’s hope for a bit more luck and to win on Sunday.”