DANIELE BONERA TO THE MILAN CHANNEL: “We’re not afraid of Juventus”

MILANELLO – Daniele Bonera spoke to the Milan Channel three days ahead of the match against Juventus:
"I feel good. I spent three days in bed but even yesterday I was back training alone and today I’ll work out with the group. We’ve found a defensive balance as we’ve got a lot of players back from injury, We’re playing well and it’s just a shame about the result against Atletico Madrid. We’re psyched up and confident about the future”.“When the results don’t come, there’s always a bit of disappointment but the good results that we’ve got lately have calmed things down. We know there’s a long road ahead of us but we’re not afraid of Juventus. We want to continue with the good results we’ve been starting to get recently.Tevez and Llorente are a good mix as you can see from the numbers. The rest of the team supports them very well but it’s not just those two. They have great individual players in the middle and at the back.The only negative aspect about the Atletico Madrid game was the result. We deserved the take the lead in the first half and we have to start off from that performance. I think that every player has to be put in the condition to give their best. In emergency situations, players have to adapt. Abate and Poli have shown that this season and I think we have a lot of examples of flexibility in the team”.