(IN THE PHOTO: Esordienti 2003 and Adriano Galliani together after the victory against Chelsea)MILAN – The Milan Youth Sector impressed in every competition in which it took part in over the Easter break. Our record reads 4 wins, 1 final, 1 podium finish and 1 semi-final.4 WINS: The Esordienti 2002 coached by Morin won the Pasternooi International Tournament in Holland.The Esordienti 2003 coached by Frigerio beat Chelsea 2-1 in the Alpi Apuane International Tournament.The Pulcini 2004 claimed victory in the Città di Crema Tournament final over Inter 1-0.The Pulcini 2005 rounded off the wins in the Cigognini Memorial with a 3-0 win in the final against Piacenza 2004.1 FINAL: Iscar Cup 2014 in Valladolid. After knocking-out Barcelona in the semi-finals, the Pulcini 2004 coached by Baldo and Magrin lost out in the final to Valencia.1 THIRD-PLACE FINISH: The Allievi Nazionali coached by Danesi won the third-place play off at the prestigious Aegon Future Cup against Anderlecht after losing out in the final to Liverpool.1 SEMI-FINAL: After beating Juventus 1-0 in the quarter-finals, the Giovanissimi 2000 coached by Monguzzi were unlucky to lose out on penalties of the semi-final of the Memorial Rossano Giampaglia-Trophy.