BARBARA BERLUSCONI: Derby for Peace “A head to head but also a celebration.”

MILAN – This is what was said by Barbara Berlusconi during the presentation of the ‘Derby For Peace’ which took place at the San Siro: “I would like to thank  Josè Maria de Corral, Javier Zanetti, Riccardo Montolivo and Mauro Icardi. This is a message of respect for people and diversity. Only through diversity and accepting this can there be growth. This will be displayed through the planting of an olive tree which will be carried out onto the pitch by the two captains Montolivo and Icardi. This derby aims to be a head to head, but also a celebration.”

On other matters: “I think we need to be honest with ourselves. I think the objective this season is qualifying for the Europa League, but from next season, we must aim for the Champions League. We have invested a lot and so the team is strong and for this reason we need to aim and reach important goals over the coming seasons. I believe this weekend’s match is between two big clubs. It’s a match that will be followed all over the world. Result aside, I hope it can be a joyous occasion for all those that love football. As for club matters, a possible sale in shares brings with it moments of standstill, so I hope that the negotiations can come to a close in one way or another. My position is one of respect and from afar.”

Josè Maria de Corral, Director General for Mondi di Scholas said: “It’s wonderful to be here with you and make the dreams of so many children come true and that Pope Francis wanted to share with the world. Children from Cuba that were taking part in one of our projects met fellow youngsters from New York for the first time. The Pope was also there and one of the children said that the Pope represented them. The Pope took out a bullet and said ‘Many children in the world are living in war-situations and cannot go outside and play football.’ For this reason I am very happy that Inter and Milan can help build this dream. So thank-you to everyone because even if I do not understand football, I can say the winner of the derby on Sunday will be peace.”