MILANELLO - The second session of the day focused on athletic work
The team were back for their second session of the day with the South Americans and Sulley Muntari in full training.
The team was divided into four groups:
1st GROUP: Bonera, Pazzini, Saponara and Cristante did sprints in the sanded area.
2nd GROUP: Kaka, Zapata and Silvestre went for longer runs on the pitch.
3rd GROUP: Balotelli, Robinho and Montolivo were involved in sharp sprints along the sanded strip.
4th GROUP: Nocerino Poli Rami did a drill involving zig-zag runs. 
Emanuelson, Birsa, Abate, Matri, Mexes, Gabriel, Amelia and Muntari trained in the gym. 
Goalkeepers Abbiati and Coppola went through their own specialised drills, 
The team will train at 14.30 on New Year's Day.