MILANELLO – Here is what Alex had to say exclusively to Milan Channel today at Milanello at the end of training in the morning: “It is always difficult to play against Sassuolo. We should have scored with the opportunities we had. Then we conceded a goal from a set-play, a goal that we should not have conceded because then everything became more difficult. We have to forget this match and do much better in the next one. We can and must gain as many points as possible. We have to be more careful especially at the beginning and we have to create opportunities and score right away so it becomes easier. I listen to what the coach and his staff have to day. Coach Mihajlovic was a great defender and when he talks it helps us a lot. I am pleased with the way things have gone at Milan over the last two years. I have always worked hard and it is one of the biggest clubs I have played for. It is wonderful for me and all the players. Hopefully I will win the Italian Cup and do well.”