ADRIANO GALLIANI: “victory is an immense joy”

MILAN – This is what Milan’s CEO Adriano Galliani had to say to the Milan Channel after the Primavera won the Viareggio Tournament:"It’s a fantastic joy. When we were down to 10 men I was fearful. I’m really happy for Pippo and the lads. They’ve got a fantastic spirit. Inzaghi told me that he would get revenge yesterday. Just like against Liverpool, it’s now Anderlecht’s turn to experience the revenge of Inzaghi. It’s an unwritten rule. I’m happy that we didn’t let Inzaghi go. He was happy to stay and said nothing else. I didn’t go to Viareggio because of superstition. We’ll be ready to celebrate tonight. Well done to the players and to Filippo Galli. This victory is an immense joy.Petagna scored a crazy goal. Wonderful. He did a lot up-front. He battled, he provided assists. He was important in winning the competition. The sending off of Fabbro? It reminded me of the 2010 derby when Abate was also sent off. When he took his shirt off, I knew exactly what was going to happen. I understand the player’s celebration. All is well that ends well. When a youth side wins it means the same as when the First Team wins. We were also without Simic and Iotti. Pippo has got a big future. He takes care of every minor detail. He’s hungry. If you do things with the right passion and determination the results come. He knows everything about his opponents. He’s obsessive. This victory is good for the club and it’s for the fans. I’m delighted.”