PRESIDENT BERLUSCONI TO SPORTMEDIASET: “We’re already working for the Milan of the future”

MILAN – President Berlusconi spoke to Sport Mediaset in the wake of the loss to Atalanta on the weekend. This is what he had to say: "I certainly didn’t expect to lose. I’m suffering, like all Milan fans. However, I also spend my money for the club so I suffer a bit more. It went badly, but I want to remind everyone that we’ve had years of extraordinary success, that we’re still the most decorated club in the world but that above all we’re already working for the Milan of the future. Therefore, let’s put this season behind us, let’s look forward and let’s get back to being the protagonists that we were for many years."Speaking about the coaching situation, the President said the following: "We’ll decide at the end of the season, after the last match. We’ll meet with the board of directors and listen to their opinion and make a decision. In terms of our play, I’m not happy. No. Not at all. We will have to also analyse this situation"The President also said the following: "Mario Balotelli has incredible potential. Against Atalanta he struck the post with a fabulous shot, he was unlucky. He needs to learn how to play as a first striker though because we all believe that is what he is. However, he hasn’t yet learnt this. For this reason I would like to meet him one day and ask him a few questions. I would ask him: Mario, in your opinion, do we take to the pitch to win or to lose? He would respond: to win! In order to win, do we need to score or not? Score! To score a goal do we need to shoot at goal or not? At goal! And to do this, do we need to be close to the goal or not? Near the goal! Well, why do you play in our half of the pitch then? That’s all. Let’s hope he learns."