Fiorentina climbs to 6th in Italy’s social network ranking

A recent report has revealed that the rapidly rising number of fans using Fiorentina’s official social networking sites has pushed the club up into sixth place in the overall rankings for Italian football clubs.

The article on explains: “…Fiorentina has been the big surprise in recent months and sits in sixth place both on ‘FB’ and Twitter behind the so-called ‘big clubs’ and ahead of Lazio.”

The website analysed and compared figures relating to the 20 Serie A clubs’ official Facebook and Twitter accounts. AC Milan leads the way by quite some margin in this special league table.

Fiorentina’s Facebook page currently has 337,629 fans, a decent number in itself but even more impressive considering its expansion rate: only 10 months ago, back in April 2013, fiorentinaofficial had less than 20,000 likes. In the last month alone, the number has rocketed by 40% – a bigger percentage than for any other Serie A club.

Numbers alone only tell half the story of course. Our Facebook page has also seen a high level of interaction from users commenting on our posts. Two of the most popular in February were the birthday wishes for Giuseppe Rossi and Mario Gomez‘s return to training with the team, both of which were shared and posted by the players themselves on their own profiles, thus increasing interaction with fans from Germany and the States.

Meanwhile, Fiorentina’s Twitter account now has 93,200 followers. Here too there has been a rapid increase over the last few months, making our official account the sixth most popular among football clubs in Italy.

We’re proud of the results we’ve managed to achieve as they show the fans appreciate what we’re doing on Fiorentina’s social networking sites.

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