When the desire to play overcomes fear

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Just when fear could understandably take the upper hand in these terrible days of conflict, the families, instructors and children of Inter Campus Israel and Palestine are taking to the pitch to meet up, communicate and continue playing, using the only common language possible: that of sport. 

The message from our local coordinators: 

“Everyone has their own history and that of their people. All people have their own language, food, habits, culture and religion. Diversity is often something fascinating, but at times the unknown can frighten and cause us to look only within our own secure world, causing greater distances between us and feeding distrust and prejudice. Sadly, this attitude can also be passed down to future generations.

“Our objective in Israel and Palestine is to provide children with a tool capable of breaking down barriers and prejudices, giving each side the chance to encounter the “other”. We believe there’s only one language capable of speaking to everyone, and that language is sport. As our Palestinian friend wrote: “The only thing we can do to stop this vicious circle is to mutually get to know each other. We need to connect, speak, and see each other for who we really are […] The only thing needed to stop this conflict is to understand each other. To become friends. There is no other way.”

Yasha Maknouz and Jasmine Seror 
Local coordinators of Inter Campus Israel and Palestine Ghetton