Toldo: “Inter Forever has a big impact”

MILAN Francesco Toldo was the subject of a recent interview for Algerian television station El Heddaf TV, in which the former Inter shotstopper spoke about his experience of playing with fellow Nerazzurri legends on the recent tour of China.

Toldo began by offering an insight into the birth of Inter Forever: “Two years ago, I started working with Inter on a project called Inter Forever. We assembled some of the legends who’ve made history with the Nerazzurri. It was a way of making the most of this great ‘resource’ of ex-Inter players.

“It’s a very important project for the club. The ex-players become Nerazzurri ambassadors around the world. Recently, we organised a tour of China which allowed us to see the level of enthusiasm there is for Inter in countries that seem so far away from Europe.

“There is a big sense of respect and gratitude towards the players who form part of Inter’s history. Going round the world to play has a big impact: there are players such as Djorkaeff, Figo and Zanetti. As these guys retire from professional football, we sign them – as it were – so that they can continue this adventure with us. It’s fantastic to see how much affection they hold for the club.”