Taider: “We’re not giving up, we’ll start winning again”

TURIN – Nerazzurri midfielder Saphir Taider was interviewed by Inter Channel after the final whistle at Juventus Stadium.

He stated: "We tried our hardest. We were determined to come out strong in the second half and equalise then try to go on and win it, but instead they got a second and that made it all the more difficult.

"In terms of our play, I think we did well because we kept hold of the ball and moved it around nicely. Perhaps we needed to do a bit more with it and create a bigger threat.

"Juventus close the space down really well, they’re very good defensively. The way they play makes it hard for you to get your game going but we kept at it until the end.

"We have to forget this match now and concentrate on beating Sassuolo. I think we can learn from defeats. We’ve lost tonight but we mustn’t give up. We have to keep going because we’re only halfway through the season.

"Did Juventus play at a different tempo to us? No, I don’t think so. We played at a high tempo. We have to stay focused and work as hard as we can so that we can get a win next Sunday against Sassuolo.

"Are we lacking aggression? We always try to give everything when we’re on the pitch. We’ll look at things together with the coach on Tuesday and see what we can do to bounce straight back from this defeat."