Sport comes to the soup kitchen

MILAN – The Centro Sportivo Italiano (CSI) and Opera San Francesco (OSF) soup kitchen and homelessness shelter have devised a project which will run throughout this sporting season. Sportsmen who participate in CSI championships will take it in turns to serve meals at the Opera San Francesco soup kitchen in Milan.

The aim is that this support will help the association’s volunteers to handle the 1200 guests who visit the centre every evening to have a hot meal and enjoy a moment’s peace. The initiative kicks off on Wednesday 12 November at the soup kitchen in viale Piave.

To mark the occasion and inaugurate the project, competitors from the Milan professional sporting scene will be in attendance. FC Internazionale will be there of course, alongside AC Milan, the Olimpia Milano basketball team, Vero Volley and Power Volley.

“It sends a strong signal about today’s society,” explains the CSI National President Massimo Achini. “Sport should not just be about producing great champions, but also helping young men and women grow as people. Experiences like this one are worth a thousand medals. They are moments that help us to grow and things that young people never forget.

“Coming here to help serve food to the guests of the Opera San Francesco will be a fantastic avenue for personal enrichment. That’s how life works. When you experience life as a server, you become stronger, more human. And sport today could do with rediscovering some human values,” concluded Achini.