A summer of sport, solidarity and above all interaction: this is the mission of the collaboration between Milan Foundation and Milan Junior Camp, which sees children with various disabilities participate in Rossoneri summer camps beside able-bodied children. 
The project is part of the many activities that Milan Foundation is organising this season, where sport is the key element for the growth of the individual.
The Special Soccer Camps are currently present in Italy, but also internationally: 
- Milan Junior Camp in Milan: Cimiano, where children with autism attend a 4-week camp along with able-bodied children. 
- Milan Junior Camp Germany, where in partnership with Special Olympics, over 50 children with various types of mental disabilities - primarily Down syndrome - are inserted into the Rossoneri camps being held in Germany. Playing football along with able-bodied with the aim of improving communication, staying together and motor coordination skills. 
- Milan Junior Camp Riva del Garda, in collaboration with ASD Gruppo Sportivo Silenziosi, for the first time for a week a group of deaf children are participating in the residential camp at Riva del Garda. The children are constantly followed by specialized staff and interpreters of LIS (Italian Sign Language) to allow and encourage, both on the field and in the daily life of the camp, communication between deaf and able-bodied. 
- Jesolo Milan Junior Camp in collaboration with La Strada is a continuation of the project which involves the La Strada of Milan and Milan Foundation in the fight against early school-leaving. Five children who attended a school recovery programme and sports acivities throughout the year have achieved the middle school diploma with high marks, and are attending the Milan Junior Camp in Jesolo as a prize. 
Here are some videos that tell the activities on the pitch. Enjoy!
Special Soccer Camp #1
Special Soccer Camp #2