Rolando: “Derby a special game. We have to win to qualify for Europe”

APPIANO GENTILE – Rolando has already played one derby and won it.
Now he’s preparing to play the second game of the season against the Rossoneri.
He told Sky Sport 24: "It’s a special game?. Right now
we know that if we win the derby we’ll take a massive step towards Europa
League qualification."

On the opposition and whether the prospect of facing Mario Balotelli
could make him lose sleep: "No, no, that’s not something that worries me
at all. Besides, I don’t sleep much anyway," he smiled. "He’s a powerful
forward, but what’s more important is that we play well. AC Milan’s weak
points? None of that matters in a derby. It’s a game where no one needs any
extra motivation, any weak points are hidden."

"Not everything in football can be explained," the Nerazzurri
defender said when asked about Inter’s inconsistent form this season.
"Just as when we lose a game despite playing well. What do Inter lack for
us to close the gap to Juve and Roma? Time to work on the changes that have
taken place at the club. Next season we can do better, thanks also to the new
players who will arrive." One such player, for example, will be Nemanja
Vidic: "Good players are always welcome here. He has a lot of experience
and can help us in that respect."

On his new contract: "It’s better for me to wait until the end of the
season before I say anything, as at the moment we have important objectives we
want to reach. Then I’ll speak to Inter and Porto."