Rolando and Toldo at Pirelli Corso Venezia

MILAN – Rolando and Francesco Toldo were guests on Radio 24’s ‘Voi Siete qui’ programme this afternoon, with today’s episode dedicated to football and held for the occasion at Pirelli’s flagship store, Pirelli Corso Venezia. The radio show also provided the opportunity to award the winner of the Inter/Pirelli competition ‘Vinci un giorno da campione’.

The programme looked at different football experiences and the Nerazzurri defender recalled the goal he scored against Juventus in Turin, saying it was one of the highlights of his debut season at Inter: "I’m sorry we lost that game but a goal against Juve is still a goal against Juve. I’m not going to forget it in a hurry!"

Rolando went on to explain how he came to play in defence: "I started out as a forward, then when I arrived in Portugal they needed a midfielder and a defender. I chose to play in midfield but one of our defenders got sent off in a game and I filled in for him… The rest is history!"

Francesco Toldo reflected on a goal of his own – attributed to Christian Vieri – which came in another famous game against Juventus. "The goal was actually mine. If you look at the replay you can clearly see me touch it… I let him have it though because we’re friends! I told Cuper I’d go up for the last corner, you know coaches normally complain when they see you in the opposition area."

Toldo also spoke about Inter Forever: "It’s an honour for me to promote this initiative which has come about thanks to our passion, the gratitude that past footballers who have worn the black and blue feel towards the club and the respect and affection the club has for its former players. Inter Forever is there to offer its help to the club at events, friendlies and meetings, wherever there’s Nerazzurri passion. It can be in Italy or abroad, as the fans will get to see over the coming weeks."